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  1. There is no antivirus software installed on the standalone box I use to create these ISOs and USB keys. Both builds are being used on the same computer, with no changes to any hardware (not even seperate HDs), and definitely no BIOS changes. RE: MagicISO - noted, thanks The ISOs were built using nLite (latest) for both RevR and RevR2. They are two different ISOs built with nLite from the same source folder 'C:\Dell_RevR'. The only difference (based on memory and diff results) was with RevR2 I copied the modified NTDETECT.COM before compiling the ISO. I used the same method and hardware for both USB keys; 1) Use nLite to slipstream updates/addons, create bootable ISO 2) Mount ISO using daemontools lite to 'Z:\' 3) Use WinSetupFromUSB 1.0b6; a. Bootice > Format NTFS > ProcessPBR > Grub4DOS b. Windows 2000/XP/2003 Setup > Source = Z: Redundantly, just want to clarify that there is no antivirus installed on my build box. I'm puzzled, however not really concerned at this point that 'RevR' doesn't work - I'm just providing information as requested. Hopefully moving forward this doesn't resurface. If it does... I know where to come.
  2. OK, here are the results and differences between my two ISOs/USB keys. Results: -RevR = File copy errors and errored out; -article.chm -msi.dll -shell32.dll error: Line 853 of hivedef.inf is corrupted. Setup cannot continue. To quit Setup, press F3. (F3=Quit) -RevR2 = Works fine. RevR: Had to copy NTDETECT.COM after creating USB to the following directories (to avoid blue screen); -\WINSETUP\XPpSP3\I386\ -\WINSETUP\XPpSP3.ISO\I386\ (using Magic ISO) RevR2: I used the explore button and put the modified NTDETECT.COM in the \I386 directory before creating the ISO using nLite. Note; When mounted the ISO using DaemonTools Lite, it didn't run setup automatically as RevR did, still worked to install. BeyondCompare Reports: -ISO_report.txt: Z:\ = RevR2, Y:\ = RevR (Explained above) -USB_report.txt: G:\ = RevR2, Y:\ = RevR Attached files in zip; -Beyond Compare result files; ISO_report.txt & USB_report.txt -Files that had diff contents reported by Beyond Compare from both USB sticks (RevR & RevR2), menu.lst & winsetup.lst. Diff.zip
  3. Can you figure out what has changed meanwhile? I doubt it suddenly just started working fine, there must be something changed. Sure thing, I'll check it out tomorrow in the office. I still have 'RevR' that I know didn't work the first time I tried it, and 'RevR2' did. The only differences if my memory serves me right is the 'compile' date/time. o.O
  4. I am having an issue using getting things to work properly here using WinSetupFromUSB 1.0 beta 6. I created an image using nLite based on a Dell Windows XP SP3 CD that came with our latest build of computer we ordered from Dell at our company. Steps taken during the nLite process; -Hotfixes, Add-ons and Update Packs: I ran the XP install from the Dell XPSP3 CD and did one round of windows updates, used WinUpdatesList to get a complete list and downloaded them and packed them in. I also used 3 addons; OnePiece_IE8, .NET 2.0SP2, .NET 3.0SP2 & .NET 3.5SP1. -Drivers: NIC driver for the Optiplex 760 I'm using as a test box. -Unattend: The Dell CD had its own 'unattend', but I configured it to be completely unattended, requiring no input until the login screen. I also added a couple lines to the runonce section as follows; 1) MD %SYSTEMDRIVE%\PLANET 2) XCOPY %SOURCE%\EXTRAS\RUNONCE.CMD "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\PLANET" /E /Y 3) XCOPY %SOURCE%\EXTRAS\RUNONCE.LNK "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\ALL USERS\DESKTOP" /E /Y (The runonce is to be ran once network connectivity is established to copy down a folder from a local share so once the system is deployed it has all the files we need to configure it to be tailored to it's environment.) -Tweaks: Honestly too many to list, nothing marked as 'Advanced' though. -Bootable ISO: Before creating the ISO, I click the 'Explore' button to add an \EXTRAS folder that contains a batch file, and a shortcut to the batch file to be copied over for the runonce. I also add the modified NTDETECT.COM to the \I386 folder, renaming the default one to 'NTDETECT.CD' (because I don't like overwriting things). Steps taken to copy files from .ISO to USB; -Mount .ISO using DaemonTools Lite (Z:). -WinSetupFromUSB (1.0b6): a. Bootice > Format NTFS > ProcessPBR > Grub4DOS b. Windows 2000/XP/2003 Setup > Source = Z: Install from CD Result: OK Install from USB Result: File copy errors during TXT install. I've tried different .ISO source files, seems that it starts getting file copy errors once I add components to the .ISO using nLite. Because if I just take the .ISO of the Dell XPSP3 and do my complete unnattend and tweaks, it works fine from both the CD and the USB key. Whereas if I add components, like IE8_OnePiece, or the .NET addons, I get file copy errors from the USB during the TXT install, but it works fine with the CD. I just did a fresh run of this now and have attached the 'WinSetupFromUSB.log'. Standing by with additional information and for any files you would like me to .zip and upload somewhere to be checked out. EDIT: Wouldn't you know, the day I decide take the time to post my issues its miraculously working. Since I've been having this issue for quite some time now (months) and I'm finally trying to address it and get help, I'm going to leave this post up in case this resurfaces. WinSetupFromUSB.zip
  5. I am getting the same thing when trying XP for a Dell Optiplex 745, or a Dell GX280. Have we found a solution for this yet?
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