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  1. This worked great to get BDA on Server08 x86 - Cheers!!!! On x64 Clean Install and using the bdaforserver instructions I was receiving Access violations on FusionHDTV.exe and CreateKsFilter Failed on starting the tv app. The Manufacturers website only mentioned that "the driver of the device is not installed properly" thanks dvico. Only Video in was enabled & the tv tuner(s its dual DVB-T) showed up as unknown devices within the app even though windows drivers installed fine. With the TV tuner working on Vista64 (Same machine/hardware different partition) & thanks to you guys I used Graphedit (add filter, expand the list, and screen capture) just to check what filters were listed on Vista 64 and on Server 64. Graphedit seems daunting... but just compare the filter lists... The BDA CP/CA Filters were missing on Server [although the header was there thanks to Wow6432node reg]. On Vista The filter list shows: #The display name for the missing filters contains the: CLSID {C4C4C4FC-0049-4E2B-98FB-9537F6CE516D} #The Filename is the file we need... EncDec.dll 1. Open regedit 'find' all 'keys' in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\ with: 9537F6CE516D and export (theres 10) to "new folder" 2. Do the same for HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node\CLSID\ (I just made 1 file and copied it, to do a 'find/replace') 3. Copy EncDec.dll from system32 to "new folder" On Server x64 4. Copy to and register %systemroot%\system32\EncDec.dll 5. Merge the reg files exported from vista Open the TV app and scan for channels ...SWEET IT WORKS... NB.Dual Tunner - if it disables the first tuner (in windows devices - the device cannot start code 10) Just force ESCD in BIOS Attached is the process (scripts not dlls) - I think its wise to make your own though - IF U DONT UNDERSTAND DONT USE... Anyway just thought this might help save some time with similar probs, & sorry if its already been posted. @shahed26 Your a LEGEND Win Server 2K8 x64 SP1 2x Xeon 3GHz 8GB Fusion HDTV Dual Digital 4 Rev.1 ATI HD3870 ServeRaid 6M BDAserver.rar