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  1. If you installed Windows 8.1 Spring Refresh 1 and just can't stand waiting to get Aero back, you can go to "Windows and Features" and then "View Installed Updates". Highlight KB2919355 and at the top you will see the word "Uninstall". After a reboot with a not so long "Windows Updating" you will have your Glass back. I did NOT uninstall the three other updates and things are running just fine. If you have not installed Refresh 1, Glass is much more valulable IMHO.
  2. Not that I'm complaining, but I'd like to report a BUG. When spanning two monitors, when Explorer throws up a dialog box, it pop's up right in the middle of the two displays as if it's centered as one big display instead of poping up in the center of the active display, so half the window is on one monitor and the other half is on the other monitor. Minor, but worth mentioning.
  3. Dual Monitor second screen BLACK & WORKAROUND! I installed Beta2 and still experienced the same BLACK screen on the second monitor. This is what I did to get the second monitor to work. 1. I decided to install the Beta AMD Catalyst™ 13.11 Beta 6 Driver for Windows® Last Updates: 10/25/2013. My setup involved having my computer monitor (Shown as Software Display #2) as the Primary monitor (DVI/SVGA @ 1920 x 1200) and my HDTV w/sound (Shown as Software Display #1) (HDMI @ 1920 * 1080). I went to Screen resolution and selected the HDMI TV and checked "Make This my main display" when it was black. To my amazement, when I clicked Apply button, both displays came to life and Aero settings are back as I had them with Windows 8.0. and work on both monitors. If I select Monitor #2 as the primary display, it goes back to the black screen on the HDTV (Monitor 1) again. I moved the primary taskbar over to monitor #2 and moved my Gadgets over there and the only downside right now is that I must have the TV turned on to log into windows. I would be more than happy to privide any logging or test anything to help correct this issue.
  4. I was working just great with Windows 8.0. If I read all 10 pages of comments before I upgraded, I would have waited for Beta 2 before taking the plunge. I donated and the auto download is working. It's flawless on monitor 1, but since I really need my second monitor, I have it turned off. I also have the same second monitor not working (black at startup) or frozen with whatever background is there. Mouse works. AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series 2D Driver Version: I eagerly await Beta 2. Until then, I'm in the sideline.
  5. I may be new on this forum, but if any of you follow the NA Satellite scene, you know of me. I needed to register here, to expain to others how I recovered a 1 TB Seagate 7200.10, NOT a 7200.11 drive from the dreaded BSY state. Let me start by saying that I had the same issue with a 7200.11, and thanks to all the good folks over here, I got that going. Then the little light bulb lit up in my head...See I have a 7800.10 1 TB drive that I had stupidly placed in a cheap external "made in china" USB enclosure, all plastic, totally entombed. I ran it non-stop, recording the Summer Olympics in HD LIVE from the Canadian commercial free HD live feed for enough events (MPEG-3) to fill the puppy to the rim. Being the middle of the night, and live, I never got to watch them! Wel, sure as clockwork, The drive went into BSY state when I went to start watching them. Opened the case, and I could fry an egg on the drive, it was painfully hot, and this is certainly what brought this disk down After reading all the posts and recovering a 7200.11, I dragged this brick out of the closet, with "nothing to loose". I ripped a MAX-232 hand soldered circuit that I used on a Directv series 2 Tivo, and just removed the extra circuitry for that old use....Never throw out anything! Hooked up the drive EXACTLY as the 7800.11, but on power up, it was obvious with the garbage on the terminal window, I had the wrong baud rate. First GUESS, I was right! Baud Rate:9600 Control:8,N,1 No flow. I downloaded the terminal manual from hddguru and hit cntrl-z, and the prompt was slightly different, I proceeded to play. BTW, I did not get cntrl-Z to work until I slid a piece of plastic between the PCB and the heads as shown on the other posts. did the same spin down command, removed the plastic, and did a spin up. BTW, I NEVER even bothered with loosening the T-6 screws! If you have any thin plastic container that was a peg hook type item, with the super thin plastic, in my case some headphones, it's thin enough to slide in there without even loosening a screw! I then tried the normal guide for the 7200.11, but it did not like the commands, and gave me an invalid control word error. I'm assuming that the "22" control word is only for the 7200.11, but it DID take the command: G-List Erase (cert the reserved cyl): T>i4,1,22 (enter) Notice there is no F3 prefixing the command prompt...... I was half drunk and it took the command but I did not test the drive as it did not give me any confirmation, so I went ahead and placed a second command that it did not error on: (Drive Configuration restored to defaults) T>F,,11 No response to either command, just an immediate new prompt. I figured I didn't fix anything, but probably bade the break turn to lead. I removed the serial wires and hooked up the sata cable, and I was so SHOCKED when the bios posted the drive, I dropped my drink and broke the glass on the floor! It's working!!! Went from a BSY state, with pc not able to detect drive, back to A-OK. Not sure what command did it, but I played and got EXTREMELY lucky. Hopefully, an expert will now explain what I did right, before others blindly attempt what I did. I had nothing to loose, and was VERY LUCKY in my guessing, but I can now see the asshats from data recovery houses getting worried that more information is getting out there...
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