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  1. Using install_wim_tweak.exe I can unhide all packages in the Windows 8.1 WIM image. Some of them has state "Installed", while others has state "Staged". As I understand, former packages will be installed in the process of Windows setup, and a latter will be keeping in WinSxS for a possible edition upgrade (Core -> Pro, etc). So, my question is: how I can change the state of a package in the WIM image from Installed to Staged? I just want to not install some packages but don't want to remove them completely.
  2. Yes, I realized that /h key doesn't restore original permissions for a registry but only hides back a packages. Will try to do it by SubinACL.
  3. Is a /h key a really working? When I put it as parameter to restore original permissions for registry, install_wim_tweak just ignore it and take ownership again: D:\Test>utils\install_wim_tweak /p Mount /h---------------------------------------------------Registry Tweak Tool v1.4.6.0----------------------for Windows 6.x----------------------Created by Michal Wnuowski-------------------Modified by Legolash2o-----------------------------------------------------MountPath : "Mount"------------------Starting-----------------Creating BKP of registry file... OKMounting registry file... OKTaking Ownership... OKEditing 'Packages' subkeys 571/571OKEditing 'PackagesPending' subkeys FAIL - Key not existModifying registry completed sucessfully.-------------------Ending------------------Unmounting key... OK
  4. It's strange enough... I have made a test installation (look at Test.ini in attach), and I can't install VMA in it (setup fails in SharedFolder installation). But if i delete just one string in Test.ini (namely "CustomNetwork"), or add MS Network Client in virtual machine, then VMA installs without any glitch. Do you uncheck all items in network settings (except TCP/IP), or just MS Network Client? Test.ini
  5. Maybe, it will be useful for somebody... I had the same problem, and I spent two weeks trying to solve it. Solution is pretty simple: VMA needs MS Network Client to be installed, even if you havn't network adapter. Just don't use Custom Network in nLite, or keep MS Client there.
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