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  1. I was indeed able to solve the problem by using your firewall rules and importing them on my laptop and PC. Both work fine now and they both have the Remote Desktop item showing up in the application list. Thanks for solving that problem. Let's hope this get's fixed in a possible future version. Thanks Glimmerman.
  2. For some reason the PC I installed with RT7Lite have the above 'bug'. It comes forward since I am unable to connect to any of my RT7Lite installs using Remote Desktop. I've searched google and this forum and my best guess is this. I indeed have the above stuff missing. How would I create such a rule? I have tried creating a program rule that points to: C:\Windows\System32\mstsc.exe and then allowing the connection. That didn't solve the problem. But perhaps I'm creating the wrong rule.
  3. Hmmm, makes me wondering. Anyways, it will need some research. I will try to find out later and respond to you. Yes all sucessfull drivers are added to MountDir\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository Folders will be in cryptic type like if I had my NVidia driver captured with Driver Magician and the .inf name was oem14.inf then it creates a Folder called oem14.inf_amd64_neutral_a54ca838cecfddb2 in the Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository thats for 64 flavor also, all mine go the the System32 location Hell yeah, this is exactly what I ment. The only problem now is how to identify the drivers. Thanks for your input guys.
  4. Well the window shows wether theyre integrated successfully or not, for example it says that a driver or more failed to be integrated and i can just scroll up. True true,.. but I was away when my PC was processing. I got back and it said: Done! So.. is there a log I could check? Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong location.
  5. Perhaps one of the more obvious questions but I have no clue... Is there a way to confirm if the drivers you tried to integrate are actually integrated? For example when testing the built image with VirtualBox can I also 'see' if the drivers I intended to integrate are actually present?
  6. I'm right over here. ;-) I'm just not that experienced with Windows 7, and the stuff needed to integrate things. I've done so on XP with nLite, and for Vista I used vLite. That's all the experience I've got so far. I'm currently experimenting with both 7customizer and Win Integrator. Both look very promising! I've had some problems with getting the unattended bit to work, but I fear it's something really obvious so I hold untill I absolutely have no other idea's left. I'm watching... but you might not see me... ;-)
  7. My guess is that you are trying to use an image that is located in a folder with spaces. Eg: D:\Windows 7 x64 Professional, instead you should make sure the folder has no spaces. In this case: D:\Windows_7_x64_Professional.
  8. So... I've come across "dism exitcode'8' I don't have the experience or the know-how to find what the problem is. I suspect Win Integrator's last action is the one that causes the error? In that case "KB974065" is doing something. I have searched for the exitcode here and in the rest of the forum but I can't find any reference. I've posted my log below. Any idea's? Cheers. WinIntegrator.2010_01_20T22_56_17.txt
  9. Hello all, I hope you can help me as my problem is starting to evolve towards a frustrative level. Since I've decided to move out and live on my own I finally can arrange my network and computers as I see fit. I've bought a Linksys WRT320n router and configured it. Anything I did not understand I either looked up or left unchanged. The network functions fine, both the WAN and LAN. It's encrypted and not broadcasting it's SSID. The workgroup that all computers are in is called Jarvis. Now, I simply want to map a networkdrive to my laptop. It's running Windows XP Home. So,.. I map a network drive eg \\Anor\d$ Like I've always done. As a username and password I fill in the Anor\username and my administrator password. They are the same on both machines. It does not work. It tells me it cannot connect because it cannot be found. It tell's me to check the spelling. This is the same when I enter the IP adress instead of the laptops name. This is exactly the same when trying to connect to my g/f's laptop which is a Windows Vista Home Premium system. I've checked the settings and they firewall both allow file and printer sharing. I have the feeling I am overlooking something. The thought that my router is blocking it for some reason has crossed my mind aswell, although I have not heard of this before. Any idea's I can try? Thanks in advance, Bishop.
  10. I found that that source is actually 100% accurate. I was at my old work today and borrowed a XP Home Edition there that came with SP3 on it from Microsoft. The contents was the exact same as what I had. Still, I decided to use that source just to be sure. Thanks again!
  11. THE SOLUTION: And as with a lot of things, the solution was a pretty simple one. It seemed that indeed the SATA drivers where missing and making the installer unable to start. John came with an idea here. With that idea and coupled with this guide and the drivers John had found I did another attempt. I integrated the drivers with nlite, in 'text mode', burned another DVD-RW. Result, the DVD booted into the installer without any problems. Note: The drivers John has found where drivers from Acer, strangely enough these could not be found under the driverssection of the AOA150, but under the AOD150 driverssection. While apparently the AOA150 also has the same SATA HDD. I have attached the drivers to the OP. John, Jaclaz, and others, I can't thank you enough for the effort, time and willingless to think with me on this problem. You have been a tremendous help to me in the past few days. Thank you very much.
  12. Oooooh!! It's loading the setup now! It booted into the setup! It's not done yet... I am so happy now. Best progress so far in days! Will keep you posted. B)
  13. You are making me doubt now. I've looked up the model type of my HDD which clearly states it's a SATA drive. Every website I come across screams about SATA. I will use the drivers you provide John, I did find those myself aswell.
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