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  1. Install updates

    Sweet, thank you.
  2. WUD Version 3 Draft Feedback

    1) Please make a sticky for this thread. 2) The program should display original/downloaded files size, it happens that during a bad internet connection the downloaded file could get corrupted (who knows) also it has happened to me I had to close WUD and restart. I only download files one by one to avoid this problem so anything goes wrong I know which file is bad. Similar suggestions here: Downloads issues 3) Thank you
  3. Integrating 3rd party software

    I did a quick search on Google and all links seem to talk about on how to slipstream and create an installation file or they take to Microsoft downloads pages, there seems to be nothing specific to WUD. I'm a totally novice with WUD (not with computers) so how can I add for example PaintNet in WUD's downloaded files list, should I ask in their forums or I look for slipstream solution? Could you please post a link or a hint where I can start from and then I can report back? Thanks in advance.
  4. WUD skip already downloaded content?

    I was wondering regarding similar issues, not a complaint but just discussing about it. I've chance to download the updates through Wifi only spots and sometimes the connection gets lost and WUD hungs, no problem I restart the program but WUD still keeps track of the latest partially (corrupted) downloaded file, so what I do is I download it again to be safe. The problem arises because if I choose to download multiple files and Wifi connection gets lost then you can understand I don't know which downloaded file is safe or not so I must download updates one by one to avoid problems. Isostick in very interesting for portability and usability but very very expensive (add memory cards cost too) and not safe in my opinion. A burned disc cannot be corrupted by a virus attack but a volatile memory support can. Many thanks to WUD developer for giving us this beautiful program.
  5. Hello

    Greetings to anyone and thanks for technical help.