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  1. Hi, what's the last version of java runtime for WIN98se I'm trying to install rapidmanager but it needs JRE 1.6 so, is there anyway i can somehow make it work on my WIN98se ? thanks a alot !
  2. Hi, I'm still using win98se with an old CRT Is it possible to install those nvidia 3D glasses and vid cards? I remember it was like 5 years ago when they first introduced nvidia 3d stuff , I wonder if they support win98? thanks
  3. anybody got opera, safari or chrome working on Win98 ?
  4. . KernelEX 4.0 Final BUG REPORT: Win98se after installing 4.0 final Fixfox -> crash on start IE 5.0 -> cannot connect to internet (I'm using dial-up) Proxomitron 4.5 -> Cannot open listener socket (popup warning on start) Revert back to RC2, everything ok, no such problems. ====================================
  5. Hi: I'm using Win98se out of the box, the IE version is 5.0, now I need to Upgrade to IE 5.01 (5.00.3314.2100) in order to install MS framework 2.0 , I seemingly remember I had upgraded to 5.01 once, but after some virus infection, I now only have the original IE5.0 from CDrom. Now here's the problem, where can I find the upgrade for IE5.01 Heck, I searched the MS site, they don't even offer IE6.0 anymore... if someone can give the file name, or a hint, it would be enough, I seem to have downloaded the upgrade once, just need to search the HD, but you know the MS update files are like q52124e.exe... some crappy naming shiit.
  6. I installed BHDD31.ZIP on my win98se Scandisk now works on >137G partitions but when trying to fix crosslinks, it hangs, had to reset the machine, tried a few times ,the same result.
  7. Hi, Is there any software for viewing HD SMART info on Win98 system... thanks..
  8. Hi: I'm using Win98se, Is there any fix for scandisk, or third party scandisk shareware that can be used for >137G HD/partition on Win98se (Bios supports 48bit LBA) Sorry I don't read all postings, I'm in kind of hurry.. Thanks for your help..
  9. I only need a hot key for renaming file/dir Alt-R would be nice
  10. I only need a hot key for renaming file/dir Alt-R would be nice
  11. Details please I have both KernelEx and RP9 installed and all I can say is that I have little to no problems with them. (wimpy flv player 2.5 and some) If your little problem is in the boot process, then the little problem becomes big problem. The bottom line is win98/me users only need kernelEx when trying out new software. Blindly enabling all existing programs to use the extensions, when installing, is pretty risky and unnecessary.
  12. Issue 2 KX: 4.0.12 (RC2) - no problem with earlier versions Many times when starting Windows, the wallpaper will appear and then nothing. The mouse cursor moves but no other activity. Pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del once does nothing, twice shows a "Windows is busy" blue screen. Pressing a key, gives the Task Manager. Task Manager shows only one process - mprexe (not responding). After I end this task, there is some disk activity then nothing again. Then Ctrl-Alt-Del again as above, but this time it shows msgsrv32 (not responding). After ending this task, nothing - I have to restart. Workaround: Install Revolutions Pack 9 (with KernelEx 4.0 RC2) (!) I think that kernelEx 4.0, by default, when install, sets all software to use it's extensions, is pretty risky, and unessisary. I think I only need to enable kernelEx when the program is not compatible, most software on my system are already running well without kernelEx or they wouldn't be there in the first place. I have found many programs which work in pure win98se will crash or produce error when enabling kernelEx, so it could cause system not to boot properly after installing kernelex, and people would not know what hit them. .
  13. With all due respect to author of Win98/ME memory patch. Wouldn't it be nice if KernelEx has this fix too?
  14. Hi, everyone Which one should I install first? KernelEx or Windows 98/SE/ME RAM Limitation Patch http://www.simtel.net/product.php%5Bid%5D1...ID%5Dsimtel.net Thanks....
  15. thanks for the great programe! Is there a list of software that can now be run on WIN98/ME by using kernelEX ?

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