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  1. Kernel EX help

    Nevermind, something wrong was with my windows. After reinstall it works just fine.
  2. Compatible Hardware with Windows 9x

    Sony Vaio VGN-A115M laptop works fine on 98SE, except wireless lan. - Intel Pentium M 715 Dothan (2MB) 1.5 GhZ - - Intel Speedstep utility v3.1 - Allows multiplier/voltage switching, keeps CPU cool - Intel 855PM Chipset - Official driver from Intel Version: - Mobility Radeon 9200 (both ATI Catalyst 6.2 and corresponding Omega drivers) - Intel 100Pro/VE 100mbps network connection - Intel website - RealtekAC97 Sound - ESI Waveterminal U24 USB soundcard No drivers for: - Intel 2200BG network connection (wireless lan)
  3. KernelEx 4.5.2

    Hi, My system is Win98SE lite (sleek option, win95 explorer). I have two questions: 1. Do I need to set the compatibility mode for WindowsXP for each program that I want to run, which is not supposed to run on win98? 2. More specifically, how to run foobar2000 with KernelEX? Thanks in advance for help
  4. Kernel EX help

    I didn't manage to find any help file anywhere. I installed it (win98se with 95explorer), noticed that there appeared a folder in WINDOWS directory 'KERNELex' with a bunch of .dlls. Should winxp programs run now? Or should I do something else? I tried to run foobar2000 which requires winXP, but it doesn't run. Same with all other winxp-only stuff.
  5. Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG driver

    I alsto tried to find a driver for this device for my Sony Vaio. No luck so far
  6. Sony Vaio VGN-A115M (PM Dothan 1.5Ghz, Intel 855PM, 512 Ram, MR9200 64 MB, 60 GB). Everything works fine with all native drivers except wireless lan
  7. Hello, I am currently using Sony Vaio VGN-A115M laptop (P M Dothan 1.5Ghz, Intel 855PM, 512 ram, MR9200 64 MB, 60gb). I was recently considering buying more ram, but I thought what a hell - why not trying to optimize it with good old Win9x. I always liked to make things more simple and faster (used to programming in Assembler:) Well - Windows 98SE works like a charm. Got all the drivers except for wireless lan (Intel 2200BG). CPU remains cool (Intel Speedstep applet 3.1), runs faster, boots/shuts down faster than XP, and I can do everything I need. Now I thought trying Windows 95c (NoIE). I thought it could be even faster (i.e. booting). Is it worth doing it? I tried using the same Catalyst 6.2 driver which I successfully used for 98SE, but it didn't work. Same with ATI Omega drivers. Displayed error is something about User32.dll and ATI .exe files linking to it (after reboot). The funny thing is that in the Device Manager, everything appears fine - Mobility Radeon 9200, devicx working properly, but I can't step out of 640x480/16 colors. Drivers appear not to be loaded fully. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance, dex