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  1. No, I didn't. Read again the quoted text in your own post. It's RLoew's patch we're talking about. I just quoted him here because his original post about it was in the Compatible Hardware with Windows 9x, and I thought it belonged here also. In that I was right, because you noticed it here, not there. Now, I have 3 GiB of RAM in my machine, but only a Geforce2 MX 400 32MB VRAM. So I've never encoutered the issue myself. But you can find it referenced along this selfsame thread, many times. AFAIK, what happens is the system does not finish booting up. Now, if you're willing to test the patch, you'll need to add more RAM. And I think this issue is not related to the hanging shut-down. In any case, to test the patch you should contact RLoew either by PM or by e-mail to the address indicated in his original post. I see... Now I can't test the patch either. You see I have 512MB system RAM which is the maximum for my Intel 815EP chipset...
  2. I don't have a suitable video card either, if I did I'd be quite glad to test the patch myself. Dear dencorso, I've got a MSI Geforce 7600GT 512MB AGP Silent for my Win98se/WinXP dual boot system. Although there is not any problem with 512MB Video RAM and Win98se (there is actually a problem with MORE than 512MB SYSTEM Ram), I would like to try your patch, just to see if it cures my ONLY problem with Win98: the system hanging during shut-down! Although I know that this issue is related to the drivers and not just the hacked ones (82.69) which I need for my 7600 and wide 1680x1050 monitor resolution... It is related to any driver above the official 77.72, even with official nvidia ones! I mean I had exactly the same problem with my old Geforce2 MX 400 32MB VRAM when used official 81.69 (hanging during shut-down). When used official 77.72, I had no shut-down issues. So, after upgrading to a 7600GT 512MB and to the hacked 82.69, things didn't get worse; just the same old problem. During normal use and even hard games use I have no issue. Anyway what is the issue with the 512MB VRAM you are saying? What is the exact effect? Slow-downs? Hangings? Display corruptions? How can I reproduce it (since I don't observe any issue - except form the shut-down hanging)? You should know exactly since you wrote a patch, don't you?
  3. I can also re-start normally. Only rare the system hangs while re-starting as well. There is not any problem with 512MB video RAM in Win98se! I don't know where this was mentioned and everybody is still writing about this! Maybe because of the problem of 512MB system RAM in Win98se, when if you install more you have to limit vcache. But all this has nothing to do with video RAM... Anyway my system has 512MB of system RAM as well (it is max for my 815 chipset), and apart from the shut-down problem it works very well! I even played a few games for hours and there was no problem at all! Where do you thing the 512MB of video RAM should give me a problem?
  4. I've just bought a MSI Geforce 7600GT 512MB AGP Silent for my Win98se/WinXP dual boot system. The drivers work well with Win98se except 3 points: 1. In display properties, the tab says "Nvidia (unknown)", but if you actually press the tab to go deeper to the properties it recognizes it properly as 7600GT, isn't it curious? Anyway, it is just a cosmetic issue... 2. The only REAL issue: The system hangs during shut-down... Isn't there anything it can be done about this? It is said that the last driver which let the system shut-down correctly is 77.72. Can't we find out which .dll or .vxd or anything is the cause of the problem in 82.69 and try to exchange it with the same one of the 77.72 driver and see if this eliminates the problem, IF the drivers allow this exchange of course and not cause more problems?... 3. My solution is to re-boot instead of shut-down and then boot WinXP (I use Partition Magic's Boot Magic) and later shut-down from WinXP. BUT: occasionally I've noticed that I can't even re-boot from Win98se (the system hangs as well)! If you could find out and correct the shut-down and sometimes re-boot problem (it ocurred with 81.69 and my old Geforce2 MX 400 too) the drivers would be simple PERFECT! I even tried to modify 77.72 by adding the appropriate strings for Geforce 7600GT in the .inf file (VERY CAREFULLY) to make them work with my card, but I couldn't... And even if I could make 77.72 to work with my card, I don't know if they would support wide resolutions since my monitor uses 1680x1050 (82.69 work perfectly!) Anyway I have to say a big THANK YOU for your drivers! I'm not asking for more, I just wrote my experience, although I'll always hope for the correction of the problems I (and most others) mentioned. P.S.: The shut-down patch from Microsoft doesn't correct the problem, I had it already installed.

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