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  1. If I have the same harddrive x 2 with the other one working, can I just switch the boards? Will that work?
  2. Could somebody who fixed his seagate hdd, maybe help me with my questions? I'm totally lost and I don't know how to do it without getting these questions answered.
  3. And could somebody here maybe answer me the question I posted here? http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=129263 Because I don't know if my hdd is stuck in BSY state, somehow the program says BUSY even when the defect hdd isn't connected.
  4. Thanks. Can you explain how to do it with a multimeter? And what power source for the hdd did you use? The one coming from the power supply? And do you just need to rip it apart and find out what cables to use, or do you need to combine it with some other cable? I read something about a CD ROM audio cable or something. And did you solder it?
  5. But I don't understand what to do with it? Rip it apart so you see the colored cables? And all the guides are different and they also skip a lot of things. Like nowhere it says what to do with the cable when you got it. And with the cable you linked, do you need to ground it, or need battery power or something? Or can you just connect it to the hdd and put it to the USB port, and then youre fine? And does it matter for what models the nokia cable is? I found this one http://cgi.ebay.de/Usb-Datenkabel-Fuer-Nok...1QQcmdZViewItem
  6. I tried this with my defective drive not connected and it still says BUSY on port 170h. What the hell is this? The drive i am running this from is a working seagate. What am I doing wrong? Why does it show BUSY even tho the bricked drive isnt connected? Picture:
  7. Sorry I don't understand that. Ground wire? Can't I just do it like that guy did it with the appearently simple cable I posted the picture to above? Can somebody link me to a german or at least english shop selling this cable? https://www1.elfa.se/elfa~se_sv/b2b/catalog....do?tab=catalog If it is the right one that is. It is used in that tutorial australis mentioned.
  8. Thanks for the reply. The guy there used this thing appearently. How is it called? I can not find it in a german shop. And do I need to remove the black thing so I get to the cables? I couldn't find a tutorial that doesn't skip parts of what to do. And the other thing is he says What does it mean? What does he mean with connecting it backwards? And the other thing: Tied together? How should I do this?
  9. I'm so afraid that I could damage it and kill it and lose all my data. Is it relatively easy? I built my pc by myself, but im not a technican.. Im afraid to kill it. I also don't understand everything, since english isnt my native language. And I currently live in europe, i dont know where to get all the stuff. I just feel lost. And seagate support doesnt reply. I wish they would just recover my data. Edit: And I can't see the photos in the tutorial post. Can you? That makes it even harder.
  10. Again, with the freezer method you will most likely kill your harddrive and if it works you only have 20 minutes at most until it dies, to copy off your data. I wouldn't do it as long as you arent totally desperate, it should really be the last try. Also be sure to keep the hdd cool when using it, so you can maybe get a few more minutes out of it. Also keep it out of the case while running if possible. A I wouldn't recommend it tho, because it will only work in certain cases if you harddrive has a physical damage and if you have a defect firmware etc, it will just kill it.
  11. The thing with the freezer only works (sometimes) when you have physical damage I believe, but it won't help you with a software problem. Also you have only one try, because when it unfreezes, water will get in and your drive is gone. So be careful with that.
  12. Oh s***. Thats no good news. I have SD15 tho. And they are not even replying me! I sent them an email 3 days ago, and another one today, and the support doesnt reply.
  13. Can anybody confirm that Seagate does the free data rescue? I can't do the tutorial here, I would ruin the drive and lose my things forever.
  14. Did anyone have success with sending the hdd to seagate for unbrick? I'm too scared of losing my data to do it myself. Does seagate still offer free data rescue or unbrick for the drives?
  15. Hello guys, my hdd died yesterday, the exact same stuff like mentioned in the first post. Not recognized by bios or windows, takes long to boot with XP and the defected hdd as slave. Now I am really lost, I don't know what to do. Send it to seagate, will they get my data back? The data is extremely important. Or do I have to try something else? I am afraid of killing my hdd and i don't know what to do, please somebody point me to the right thing. Thanks The hdd is a 500GB 7200.11 with SD15 firmware. If the firmware is SD15 and you have some technical ability, you will be able to fix the drive after reading through this thread. If you don't feel safe in performing the fixes outlined here, then Seagate does offer free data recovery and firmware upgrade for this drive model. Only for that one? Mine is a ST3500320AS. I don't even know how the error is called. I'm pretty desperate, is all the stuff gone now? I emailed them but is it likely that they offer free data recovery? Oh ****...