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  1. How 2 - edit Boot/install.wim files

    For adding SATA/RAID drivers to Vista, I have not had a problem. Are you adding the 64bit or the 32bit version? Boot.wim is 32bit and will not recognize the 64bit versions. (Took me 2 weeks to figure that out - Forest for the Trees thing) I have a 32bits system so i guess that i don't have that prob... maybe i need to get a better driver extractor prog... i've been using MyDrivers and it's been working fine even with Nvidia drivers.... this prob started after i've updated the drivers o Nvidia by windows update.... perhaps its the driver it self cause in the installed system it is signed by Microsoft, however the same in the test OS appears as unsigned... this is really bugging me.... I wouldn't even mind if i could execute the install version of the driver during install, but that also is turning to be a prob... i'm unable to execute tthe CMD file through the Autounatted.xml file... i've put the driver folder on the root on the install.wim, so that it could be copied to the HardDrive... but using "auditUser" the CMD file seems that can't find the folder... Can you tell where can i learn the install timeline of Vista Ultimate? Because the CMD file must be executed AFTER the driver folder been copied to the HD... Thanks for the reply Se7eN
  2. How 2 - edit Boot/install.wim files

    Arrow22 Nice tutorial. however i must confess that i've tried both ways [updating one image and both] and the result was the same... Nvidia drivers don't install during setup... everything else installed fine... i' triyng to use winpeshl.ini as some sort of trigger to install the exe version of Nvidia drivers... still no results... Is there any other file/way to do that?? Excluding SetupComplete of the $OEM$ folder... Se7eN