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  1. your method is so sophisticated i just do it: 1. run "winnt32 /noreboot" just from cd 2. rename $WIN_NT$.~LS to install 3. rename $WIN_NT$.~BT to i386 4. del one file from install and 3 last-modified files from i386 5. move i386 to install 6. add signature files to install 7. add bootfix.bin from original to i386 8. make iso and burn cd
  2. my directx 9.0c from svcpack.inf installing with error from guirunonce all right from directx.log i read about incorrect version dinput.dll & dinput8.dll i think it's versions from xp :-)
  3. I try to use it for russian version of win2000 sp4 rollup1 and ie6sp1 I change prefixes in cmd file but it's working bad after install ie6 show incorrect version and rollup show nothing may be, you can write short how-to? about process of integration hotfixes
  4. anyone try repack directx90c with 7z? if you can extract cab's before packing compression ratio must be perfect
  5. silent install and key.yek work perfectly but how i can silently update last antiviral bases from my cd?

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