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  1. Hello, I have a problem in installing windows XP on my notebook. Using a regular bootable XP CD the system boots and begin the setup process, it loads the kernel and other stuff until it reaches the part "Setup is loading windows" at the bottom of the screen, then it shows the blue death screen. As I heared from other people, this happens because the XP cd doesn't contain the SATA drivers!!! Searching for a solution all over the web, I used the nLite program to add the SATA drivers to the XP cd...........BUT, the problem is still there. So why does the blue death screen show up?and is it related to the Sata drivers? Thanks in advance.
  2. @Snack It's sad to hear that the recovery disks you made cannot restore your system to factory. I still didn't burn my recovery disks to tell if they work or not. Why didn't I burn them?!! Actually, I wanted to be sure that everything is OK, then burn the disks. And this is the problem......"EVERYTHING IS OK"!!! After restoring my Vista OS, I wanted to make a full recovery to see if the F11 function works after recovery or not. To make a full recovery there are three ways: F8 boot menu and then choose Repair my computer Set the recovery partition as Active and reboot Using the F11 function NONE of the three methods were capable of doing a full recovery. Both options 1 & 2 give me the error message A disk read error occured Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart and sometimes by altering the recovery partition boot sectors I get an error saying that the boot manager has failed because of a missing or corrupted device and give an erro code something like : 0x00000212 Somehow, I was able to run BCDEDIT.exe and capture the results : NOTE: The recovery partition in the attachment is C. So, is there a way to do a full recovery? can I access the recovery partition using the Bootable USBStick by adding some codes like those for vista1 and vista2??
  3. Greetings, Sorry for this late reply. I had several problems with my notebook that -at last- have been solved. The mentioned thread was dedicated only to solve the "Recovery partition could not be found" error message. Do you have the same problem? I still didn't fix my F11 function but that's not a problem where you can repair your comp. anytime using the F8 Bootloader option. IMHO, it's possible, but I didn't try to do something similar, and I'm not familier with vista and never used windows 7 before........So, I guess that I can't help you. Sorry.
  4. Of course, I did not understand anything from jaclaz's previous post AND I actually don't need to @Snack After some little MBR experiments, my computer became unbootable. I did SUFFER to make it bootable again. [EDIT: Using something that I can't mention here!! ] However, I do not attend to participate in other MBR and boot sectors experiments....so if you are seeking more about MBRs and boot sectors and HP recovery partitions, you'll be on your own, sorry. @ALL THANKS AGAIN
  5. May be it can last...... I still didn't restore the F11 function.... AND I offer my assistant to make some experiments that may reveal the mystery of this partition. Here you are : http://rapidshare.com/files/220509011/Reco...ctorsr.rar.html
  6. WOW, This is a magical solution..... Does your F11 function work Snacks??
  7. I'm glad you solved the problem Niru. I'm surprised that my friend's recovery disk bootsector could fix your recovery partition in a completely different notebook. I hope it works with Snacks as well, although I beleive that his problem is some different. @Niro Does the F11 function at booting up work?? As Tripredacus and jaclaz said, the problem hasn't been solved yet. @Tripredacus Great. Now everything is obvious. I agree totally. Actually, I thought that the baching up my MBR and boot sectors + the bootable USBStick can return everything to normal whenever I need to. mmmmm,I'll try writing the whole 16 boot sectors from my friend's recoverydisk on mine. If it didn't work I'll try another Full recovery and see what wil happen.
  8. Actually I am (was) a PATIENT not a DOCTOR here ......However, I'll do my best to help. OK,..... http://ultrashare.net/hosting/fl/dcd3f5f89...riend_s_sectors I don't recommend applying these MBR and boot sectors on your notebook without having a bootable USBStick from which you can restore your original MBR. Read post #73. If you want to try the "silly" solution here are the steps: Create a bootable USBStick using ALL instructions in POST#73.[and make sure that you can boot from it] Save your current MBR and boot sectors (using HDhacker) on your Stick and computer. Try applying my friend's D: drive boot sector on yours. Launch the CD creator software. It should (as in my case) see the partition now. If not, Undo step 3 by restoring your saved D: drive boot sector. In my case, Applying the attached MBR or C: boot sector made the system unbootable. TAKE CARE. If you messed up with your MBR you can restore it using the bootable USBStick: Boot into the FreeDOS Type: MBRWIZ /disk=1 /Restore=C:\your_original_MBR.dat So you need all 16 sectors.......I'll upload my CURRENT 16 sectors and my first friend's soon. NOTE: My first friend's notebook is not as similar as the second where his recovery partition size differs from mine. The second friend had the exact partition size as mine. I'll try applying the attached MBR and post the results soon. When F11 is pressed, the option that should start is " Recovering your system to factory settings". You can burn the Recovery disks ONLY from the SofThinks application inside Windows. I have some questions here: Can modifying MBR change the boot sectors of the partitions? Are these statements accurate: The "Recovery partition could not be found" problem is caused by modifications in the recovery partiton boot sectors and can't be solved by modifying MBR. [if true then why are you -jaclaz- doing MBR experiments, what's your point of view?] The F11 problem is caused from either a modified MBR or modified recovery partiton boot sectors. IMHO, by answering those questions we should be able to put our hands on what we should fix and how to fix it..... Ahmad
  9. Hello everybody..... It has been only one day since I last checked this thread and you say "abandoned"!!!! I had alot of postponded work to do. This "recovery partition" was the reason of course..... It seems like there are some other people "SUFFERING" from this stupid HP partition.... I would like to reply to each post....But I'm really running out of time.. BTW, I didn't pay my ISP bills.....so I don't have an internet connection at home..!!!! So please have patience!!! I'll upload everything you all need as soon as I have time to do it..... @jaclaz Tripredacus said that his method solved the F11 function (which I need to do now), but he didn't say that it'll make me able to make the recovery disks from the SofThinks application. AND, I've already sent you my friend's C & D bootsectors and his MBR..... I don't think that I can send them again, because during my experiments trying to return the F11 function I had to format my USBStick which had all of bootSectors and MBRs on it. But let me tell you this... Action: Applying his MBR on mine Result: System did not boot Action: Applying his C boot sector on mine Result: system did not boot I wanted to try applying BOTH.....but as I said..the USBStick was formatted. I'm a little confused here.....I think that I'll restate the whole problem again to make everything clear... I have a request: Please define the difference between bootsectors and MBR..... See you in (1 or 2 days)...
  10. Ok.....I'm calm now.. @Tripredacus: Changing smallMBR did make the error message dissapear, but the problem of not finding the recovery partition was not resolved. Thanks for your help. NOW: This is how I made the recovery manager see the recovery partition: Requirements: 1) A friend that has a similar HP laptop. 2) HDhacker from HERE. 3) A hexeditor from HERE. Simply, I used the bootsector of the recovery partition (D:) that I captured (using HDhacker) from a friend that has a similar laptop. I captured mine too. Then using (HEX EDITOR NEO) I compared between both, small differences were found. So I took a deep breath and wrote the D: boot sector of my friend on mine(You can load a the captured boot sector then write it on yours using HDhacker). Surprisingly, it worked. When I launched the CD creator, it opened the DVD drive asking me to insert the DVD to begin burning the Recovery disks. Easy, isn't it?? CONCLUSION: The Infinite monkey theorem that jaclaz mentioned should be modified to Finite monkey theorem !!! and it seems that it needs LESS time to reach the desired result. However, the result is not PERFECT. Yes, I can make my recovery disks now – although I didn't……TROUBLE SEEKER?? Yes, I am - but the F11 still doesn't work, when pressed while booting it says "Disk error press ctrl+Alt+del to restart". So in order to restore that function I tried some MBR modifications using MBRINST.exe, none succeeded. AFTER burning the recovery disks, I'll try to write the C: boot sector as well and post the results. Now with HDhacker and the bootable USBStick that I created using jaclaz instructions, I fear nothing. NOTE: Both vista1 and vista2 options in the booting menu using the bootable USBStick directs me to the recovery manager to make a full recovery. I'm satisfied….I'll edit POST NO.1 to note that this problem has been solved. So to ALL who have the same problem, I hope that this helps…… And to ALL who tried to help solving this problem, THANK YOU. B) And SPECIAL THANKS to jaclaz….. Regards, Ahmad EDIT: If you don't have a friend with a similar HP notebook have a look at POST #111 and TAKE CARE.
  12. Try everything I wish? I don't know what should I try! Actually I didn't have a choice; I wanted all of this hassle to end as fast as it can. So the " You need patience" advice did not come in time. As a conclusion we can say that (this time) it's your fault not mine . However, I've learned from my previous mistakes; there is no need to freak out from a small upgrade , I can say that it didn't affect anything. If that is not true, I can simply restore the previous (or should I say NEXT) version of the recovery manager software using either: Microsoft system restore or A full system recovery which of course reinstalls the software. 12345678901234567890123456789012345678901 Press F11 for Emergency Recovery Err1 Err2 Err3 And subtract from it the "fixed part"? 12345678901 Press Fxx for That would make 30. 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678 Press F11 for Emergency Recovery MBR Error OS Missing Press a key. That would make 47. It is possible that without a MBR.INI the "embedded" values lead to 53.... There are a couple of bytes in the MBR you re-created following my instructions that differ from those on your friend's (working) MBR, that may be the key, but I need some time to do some tests....., you need some patience. jaclaz Ok, I'll try Tripredacus idea changing the smallMBR usage value and see if anything changes. @jaclaz Do you need anything from the NEW hp laptop? I think that I'll have one more chance (today)to take what I want from it......then . And do you need anything else from my laptop?? [No, that one is available all the time, just asking.. ] And at last... my question: Your previous instructions, do they actually replace my MBR with the other in MBR.ini ? Is that the only way to do so? Does MBR.ini contain the partition table? I'm asking that because I beleive that the WHOLE problem lies in the position of the recovery position in MBR. IS that accurate? Hope you reply soon (just following your advice to be patient...you can't blame me ....)
  13. I've contacted HP again.... This time they gave me this tool : http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/generic...=reg_R1002_USEN As he said, the tool upgrades the recovery manager. If you opened the above link you'll find that: (Release Date: 2007-09-15 !!!)!!!! .......And it's called UPGRADE. As usual, it didn't work.
  14. Why not, NOW you have way backs (at least up to this day trial). Worst that can happen, it won't boot, and you can restore the last working MBR. jaclaz Should I use it with the same options as before? If it didn't work should I try using other options? EDIT: This time running MBRINST.exe gave me the error message " Masterboot record strings too long! Your strings are 53 Bytes but the Master Boot Record has only 18 Bytes for strings" + the "Recovery partition could not be found " result. NOTE: Before jaclaz idea the error message was: "Master Boot Record Strings too long! Your strings are 30 Bytes but the Master Boot Record has only 18 Bytes for strings" MBR grew up from 30Bytes to 53Bytes........Does that make any sense? Should I try MBRINST.exe from X:\ and MBR.INI of my friend's laptop?
  15. I'll send you the new MBR... I do believe that it's a right step....It's just driving me crazy!!! At startup, pressing ESC gives a list of all F's poosible....So the "Press F11 for recovery partition" was there before and after the MBR modification that we made. NET result --> NOTHING CHANGED I'll send you : -MY new MBR. -My friend's first 63 sectors & boot sectors of both the C & D partition. [Form the other friend with the new HP laptop] Should I try the previous using MBRInst.exe in my X:\ partition with its associated MBR.INI ??
  16. SECOND STEP : FAILURE....... I've done what you've told me to do exactly...... BUT the : was the result....... and both F11 & Recovery manager still cannot see the partition.. @ALL HP TECHNICANS: WHAT DOES MBRINST.EXE NEED TO SEE THAT STUPID RECOVERY PARTITION????
  17. Correct jaclaz.....Both are identical now.... FIRST STEP : SUCCESS.......
  18. Everything is OK.. There is only one step which is optional as I guess that I can't accomplish. When I log into DOS and try to excute MBRWIZ.EXE it says: "This program canot be run in DOS mode." Another problem with that step is typing!! Z becomes Y and Y becomes Z.......etc.!!!! I've managed to "find" all required letters and symbols except the " \" used in C:\...... EDIT: FORGET about the above...I should have downloaded MBRWIZ for DOS not WINXP..... Now it works, but the typing problem is still there. Anyway, I did make a copy of MBR, but the two .dat files (one from HDhacker and the other from DOS) are NOT identical!!! I've sent jaclaz both for further investigation... EDIT: NEW: A friend of mine [another one] bought a HP laptop yesterday ( also similar not identical to mine)....I'll see if I can capture his first 63 sectors too.
  19. It's great to hear from you again Tripredacus. I thought that you choosed to quit from a topic that will never reach a solution [which of course made me feel bad], but jaclaz was there saving me from a certain deadlock situation. I really trust you both... So what do you suggest?? Try the or directly applying jaclaz idea???EDIT: I'm done with steps till the dsfi step.....waiting for the LINK....
  20. Thanks jaclaz..... I hope that all of this effort (from you more than me)leads to a success. If it didn't you still deserve a prize ... I think that you already know my comment here!!!! I need to know how to create a bootable USB stick containing a program able to restore MBR & hidden sectors that I saved. If you can helpfully give me a link to do that, I'd be grateful.... Thanks... EDIT: I have two notes: 1-I don't have MBRINST.exe in C:\system.sav\Util should I copy the one from X:\windows\system32 ? or the one from my friends laptop in C:\system.sav\Util? 2-The MBR.INI in C:\system.sav\Util is some different from the one you posted: [MasterBootRecord] ; DO NOT TRANSLATE UseSmallMBR=1 SwapPart=0 ;TimeOut for "\nPress F11 to start recovery " TimeOut=1 QuietCountDown=0 AutoHideRecovery=0 ShowRecoveryPart=1 ScanCode=133 ;DoRecoverRP=0 SafebootCompatibleMBR=0 CountMode=7 ; TRANSLATE STR_START= ;STR_ERROR="\nMBR Error\n" STR_ERROR= ;STR_BS_ERROR="\nOS Missing\n" STR_BS_ERROR= ;STR_PRESSAKEY="\nPress a key.\n" STR_PRESSAKEY= RecoveryInUserPart=0 EDIT: Oops.....My apologies jaclaz...When I read my last post I felt like it was........rude. sorry.
  21. LOL....I did't know that you had this HUGE sense of humer....[Right?? ] First let me state this : """" I NEVER LIE """"""...... <true story> Second: I did install LINUX on my desktop comp. but I honestly don't remember installing it on my notebook. Let's assume that I installed it on my notebook, here comes the next question: How did I do that? My DVD ROM can't load any CD/DVD without the SATA drivers. Installing from a USBStick?? I figured out that lately... So the only reasonable assumption is that I figured a way to begin LINUX installation on my notebook, but it didn't complete; leaving the GRUB loader traces on my MBR. AGAIN, I can't remember anything about this. And jaclaz, I came here for a solution not to play with you around..... ABOUT THE (Paragon's Boot Manager).... Yes that's possible. As I said, I was desperate trying to return the recovery partition back, I don't remember what programs I used to do so. Only all of them failed except the HP one [The last on of course]. So when I said " TRIED" I ment that several softwares were installed on my system, only the last one was the HP file.... So ,Again, It was my fault assuming that the HP tool & partition magic (only) were the cause of the problem.
  22. I wonder jaclz, from where did you get all of this time & information?? Well, about the "kids"......Nobody learns without some sacrifices . But let me return to the 1024 offset part.....Maybe it was 32 and the HP tool made it 1024??? [ I feel it like a stupid question, but I've LEARNED to think about all possibilities.]
  23. I didn't notice the 1024kb offset part in C. From your reply it appears that this is really the root of the problem. Maybe that's why the too long string in MBR error message shows up....? Should I Shrink and extend C:\ as mentioned in the HP page? Can that fix the offset value?? Is it the ONLY key?? I feel that you have another solution.....>? Yes, it's confusing....I agree. What's the difference between both mentioned recovery types? I have only one available. So you are saying that I made a simple recovery? Leads me to believe something "special" was in the PTable.) Yes, only using Partition magic made the question of FIXing the partition table appear. I want to note other tiny details that I really don't know why I forgot to mention: -After'Fixing' the Ptable using partition magic the blue death screen appeared (Probably because of Antiarp software which I installed befor partition magic) -On the booting screen it says (at the bottom left corner) Press ESC to choose options ( or something like that) If I pressed F11 it does respond and it says "F11......system recovery" but then it proceeds to loading the OS. I don't know if these notes may make any difference......] Thanks.
  24. WOW.....That's just great. I hope it works.....take your time jaclaz, you've been extremely helpful. Thanks alot.
  25. This is the HP tool that (probably) destroyed my original MBR. http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/fastFaq...;encodeUrl=true& Don't be amazed please. I was desperate trying to make the partition appear again. Anyway, it worked. I'd like to note that the F11 function was working properly after installing partition magic and before using the HP tool. So obviously it was sp34748.exe which caused all of this ( .....yes, I know. It's my fault from the beggining )

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