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  1. It is me who thank you for your speed and your excellent work Goodbye
  2. hi with WinSetupFromUSB_0-2-0_test2.exe, That works!!!!!!!!!!! One very thank you once again
  3. yes grubinst now say "MBR/BS was successfully installed" and no i dont see mbrdiskN-date-time.dat and bsdiskN-date-time.dat files in C:\WinSetupFromUSB\
  4. I tried the manip on another pc, thus the hd changed, the problem is the same
  5. hi C:\WinSetupFromUSB\files\grub4dos>grubinst.exe -v -l (hd1) Partition list # id base leng 0 0C 3F 3BFFC1 (1920M) C:\WinSetupFromUSB\files\grub4dos>grubinst.exe -v -s=mbr.dat -t (hd1) Start sector: 0x0 Image type: MBR Num of heads: 255 Sectors per track: 63 Partition table bt h0 s0 c0 fs h1 s1 c1 base leng 80 01 01 00 0C FE 3F F3 3F 3BFFC1 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0 0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0 0 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0 0 Install mode Read only mode C:\WinSetupFromUSB\files\grub4dos> yes i have mbr.dat in C:\WinSetupFromUSB\files\grub4dos\
  6. hi ilko_t!!! my WinSetupFromUSB.log WinSetupFromUSB.log.txt
  7. Hello everybodyI have just taken the last version, but when I want to put partedmagic he puts me an error: grubinst.exe could not make a backup of mbr..... partedmagic 3.7 With the former(ancient) version I manage to put gparted..... a bug?
  8. Hello grace to you I managed to make my key, I put UBCD4Win 3.12, gparted, a version xp, ophcrack xp and vista, I thank you for your precious help I put everything on a key ocz, it is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Check I made a success, because there was conflict, in the starting up of ophcrack he(it) fetched tables in the ophcrack file, and I I created an ophcrack file for xp and ophcrack2 for vista, I just have to add tables in a répetroire of ophcrack, as the software is the same for 2 versions there are only the tables which change, I tried everything works well, I still thank you for your precious help.
  10. An ENORMOUS thank you good I almost everything, one more question: I understand to Ophcrack but how to save 2 versions of Ophcrack? Ophcrack vista and xp? how to make a difference as the registers have the same name? sorry for my English
  11. Hello, I am French and I do not speak English well Thank you for WinSetupFromUSB Can we include a second os Linux? Ophcrack for example? Thank you in advance
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