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  1. Hello. I own a 7200.11 hard drive affected with the firmware issue. It locked itself a few days ago, and thanks to the people on this forum I've been able to unlock it and recover my info. I dont want to update firmware because I do not relay on Seagates 7200.11 series. Speaking with the wholeseller where I bougt my HD (I have good relations with them), they comment that I can return to them the hard drive and they replace it to me as a favour (another brand, as I want). The thing is that the drive must be locked. Is there any method to provoke (again) the fail in order to return it to the wholeseller? I know is not usual to ask things like that... Thanks in advance
  2. ...Duplicated post. Sorry...
  3. Another question: once I've unlocked my drive and saved all my info, I'll return my drive to the wholeseller for a change. The thing is that it would be interesting to return it blocked... Is there any way to make the drive fail again, in order to return it blocked? Thanks
  4. Problem solved!!!! Finally I solved my problem with the prompt after pressing CTRL+Z, connecting the gnd pin of the HD to the others (rs232 converter and power supply). I do not update the firmware because the wholeseller where I bought the HD will change it (I have a friend who can manage it). I'll demand a 7200.10 hd. I dont want any 7200.11 drive anymore. Thanks to everybody in this forum who help people like me (with a lot of doubts and new in this forum), and specially to Pichi for his help and interest in my particular case. Best regards Saludos
  5. I'll try this solution. I'll post the results. Thanks Si no funciona lo de alimentar el convertidor a 3,3 voltios, compraré el cable. Creo que es la solución más sencilla, pero ya que tengo el circuito... Gracias
  6. Is the data ground connected to pin 2? Try this. I thought that it was not necessary when using the rs232-ttl converter, but I'll try. Thanks!!!
  7. Hello. I am a "happy owner" of a 500 GB 7200.11 Seagate drive affected with the firmware issue, the BSY one and maybe the LBA0 too... After a intensive search I founded the way to fix my drive and recover all my info. But when I try the method I have a little problem: I do not obtain the prompt in hyperterminal. Let me explain what i've done: I have the rs232 to ttl converter powered by a molex from the PC at 5 Volts. I've tested it conecting rx and tx and typing in hyperterminal and works fine. Then, I remove completly the pcb from the HD and connect RX and TX wires to the TX and RX of the converter (shifting connections do nothing in hyperterminal). The next step is power the converter, open hyperterminal and configure it (38400,8,N,1,N) and power the HD board. The problem arrives now: I press CRTL+z but I do not get the prompt. The only thing that appears on hyperterminal screen are spaces and black squares. As I said previosly, changing the conections do nothing on screen. I've changed hyperterminal config as suggested in other post to "windows key" and the problem persists. What I'm doing incorrectly??? Thanks in advance and excuses for my bad english. PD: he estado siguiendo los posts de Pichi en el hilo en castellano hasta que lo cerraron. Si algun consejo fuera en castellano lo entendería mejor :blushing: