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  1. Hi everyone, Thanks for the tips. I went to the WinfromUSBsetup thread as sugested, used the GUI etc and when I booted off it, it started in the second part of the original install process! I had to get GParted on to a USB stick and format the SSD again, then when I tried the WinfromUSB'd stick, I got a Hal.dll error, same as other methods I've tried before. I'll have another go with your method here using the now it's been pointed out very obvious method of setting to boot from SSD first but changing temporary boot options on the initial boot. I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers!
  2. Hi there, Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I didn't really understand your instructions. I'm trying to load XPProSP2 on my Dell Mini9 netbook, so I can't bootsect.exe the destination drive, I tried it by running the bootsect.exe command when logged into the recovery/repair console and it didn't work. I also copied over the ntldr file and NTDETECT.COM file and again, it didn't make any difference. Any ideas? Many thanks
  3. Hello everyone Just registered on these forums after straying across them- I've been looking at a quite a few and your methods seem to be the best mixture of concise vs. round the houses bloat and command line hackery vs. gui frustration. I followed the instructions, and had to change SetupSourceDrive =device\harddisk1\partition1 just like mr.egglink (thanks) however, I seem to be stuck in an endless loop now that when xp setup has finished copying the files and reboots, it goes straight into the initial install screen, enter to install, r to repair f3 to quit etc. I took the usb drive out and tried it and it says there is a drive error. Does anyone have a solution? Many thanks