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    Nlite Error

    Using nlite v1.4.1 Right after Processing Setup Files. As long as I dont press OK nlite still continues to run, But if i press ok Nlite crashes.
  2. Just seeing if anyone is having any issues with using a Nlited Windows installation with Farstones VirtualDrive v11... Since I started using Nlite I have had increased CPU usage and lockups while installing games from Virtual Drive.
  3. Awesome!! Which one is the correct one in the list? After selecting file a get the popup for txt setup, but there is about 10 diffrent ones, I know im the ICHR8 but there is 2 in the list.
  4. Im using the AB9 Pro mainboard and i have AHCI mode enable for my drives, Windows setup doesnt find any drives out of the box, So i integrated the drivers from Abits site, But i did not recieve the PnP \ Text Mode popup. Was I using the wrong ones? ABIT Driver List I used the one labled Intel ICH7R/ 8R Raid Installation Disk. Any ideas? Thanks!!
  5. Ya ive been working on this for about a week now with no luck LOL I can post up what i have an get some pointers...
  6. Manipulation of large numbers can be a problem when the range of integers and floats is severely restricted because of the machine or the language used. Many languages allow a long integer type and a double float type, but even these larger ranges are too restrictive for many applications requiring more digits of precision. One way of dealing with this problem is to represent the numbers in another way, for instance as arrays with one or more digits per array element. You are to create a class which will allow clients to manipulate positive integer values of up to 25 digits as arrays or strings (no input or computed value will be more than 25 digits). Define the size as a named constant, so that it could be increased as necessary without having to rewrite any executable statements (only the constant definition would be changed). The class should contain private variables to represent a single big integer as an array or string. You should provide functions to: 1) input a value for a big integer from keyboard or text file 2) output a big integer 3) add two big integers, returning a big integer sum 4) subtract two big integers, returning a big integer difference Program requirements: 1) The class defines and represents only one big int so that a client can declare as many big ints as the application requires and operate them in any combination. 2) Maximum size of the number should be defined and reference as a named constant. 3) Each big integer must be represented as an array or string. 4) A default constructor should assign a value of 0 to a big integer. 5) At least one of the I/O functions must be an overloaded operator function. 6) At least one of the arithmetic functions must be an overloaded operator function. 7) The client program should call a class function to read each big int. It should read and evaluate the operator and call a class function to calculate the big int sum or difference. It then calls a class function to output the result of the addition or subtraction. The class provides the tools but does not direct the action. The client declares and opens the file, passing the file to the class function for input. Ive been trying to do this for a few days now with no luck. I need it done in C++, If anyone can help me I would much appreicate it!
  7. Im using Standard edition, only diffrences with them is how much RAM each one supports number of CPUs and some services diffrences. Standard will suffice for an XP replacement.
  8. I have been trying this sense the day it released in FINAL and still cannot get it to work...... Using a SP1 pre slipstreamed CD i slipstream XPSP2 by using the /integrate command all goes well but when its copying setup files it stops at all these .hlp and .chm files and says it cant copy them, well there not there, and when i proceed on without them it gets into setup and errors at t-39 with a MANIFEST PARSE ERROR, what am i doing wrong...?
  9. phpbb is a forums engine not a CMS Xoops has a built in one called Newbb, not as advanced but still it has one PM me at circuit256 (AIM) or kickassamd@hotmail.com (MSN) if you need help or hosting (free)!
  10. I would personally say screw php nuke because it gets hacked alot, and isnt as powerful as Xoops http://www.xoops.org ! check it out!! installs on its own after you give it some information, installs its own MySQL tables and the administration page is where the documentation says it is!!!
  11. i would be happy to help you out! My servers run on Server 2003 with PHP 4.3.8 with MySQL 5.0.0. With email powered by Merak Mail Server with web based access! Email me at admin@kickassamd.com or PM on AIM at circuit256 or MSN at kickassamd@hotmail.com

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