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  1. Worst OS Ever?

    less hotfixes = less problems = better OS my personal experience extends to may os's, drdos,msdos,amigaos,beos,linux,bsd,windows 3.11,windows nt 4 and all the future nt versions, windows 95, 95b, 98, 98 second edition, ME, 2000, xp, 2003 server, mac os 9, mac os x 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, vista, 2008 server and a bunch more. and ME is thr worst ever, seriously, i vividly remember that after a format and a clean install i got a bsod in the first boot with ME, i gave them several chances but there always problems, as well as vista, i'm getting some bsod every once in a while. Windows 7 runs very smoothly though.
  2. Worst OS Ever?

    well well, resurrected. Vista is a bad moment for MS as well as ME. Both of them are the worst ever. I tried to fix vista, optimize em and more but ended always a crap. Well, what else you could expect from an OS with aproximately 1000 hotfixes, maybe more, in a 2 year period?
  3. Windows 7 Build 7022 on MacBook Aluminium Unibody 13.3"

    nope,not an error. just a note: i use rEfIt as my boot manager. the steps i followed was the same i did with vista.
  4. Hello community, i just wanted to share my experience with you. I succesfully installed Windows 7 Build 7022 on my MacBook as i was installing Windows Vista. If any of you had any doubts go on and make the step, it is fully compatatible and very stable so far.
  5. Windows 7 Insists on 100 MB or 200 MB system partition

    i think that vista was going to move to gpt instead of mbr but windows 7 is actually moving that way. Some guys even mentioned that this 200mb partition has something to do with the new winfs file system which i don't think that it is included. also someone mentioned something about efi machines, the only efi machines i can think of are the the Intel Macs.