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  1. That exe is ok, but it would be nice if there was a simple exe that could detect the processor type. You could then do a case in vb or an if statement and copy over the appropriate hal.
  2. You are correct. The driver part for chipset, vid, audio, and nic have been taken care of in sysprep.inf with oempnpdriverspath statement. The only thing I want to do is prior to the machine detecting the hardware I want to either choose or detect the machine model and have the appropriate hal.dll and ntoskrnl.exe copied to the windows system directory. Again your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  3. I downloaded the utility. I dont see how this will work from dos. Ok. Maybe I need to go simpler. Is there a way I can have a batch file run during windows boot after sysprep to ask person make and model of pc then copy approriate hal ? Again thanks for sticking with me. I just dont see how dccu will help at dos level. On another note I am not a vbs programmer so the code is a little confusing.
  4. Im am sorry can you include more info ? What is dccu ? Is this a cript to detect the make and model from the bios? Where do I get the script ? How do I implement this ? Do I add code in batch after ghost complete to detect model then do a bunch of if statements to load ntfs4dos then copy over the appropriate ahl files? Sorry for being stupid !!!! Your input is greatly appreciated.
  5. Can you expand on that? I am totally unfamiliar with what you are talking about. Wow looks like what im exactly looking for. Please point me in the right directions.. Thanks,
  6. Hello I am working on making a generic syspreped image for Dell equipment. That being desktops and laptops. I have it down how to get the correct drivers on the machine and get them detected. My question is is there a way to have the HAL detected and replaced on the fly ? If not Can I have all iteration of the hal on the machine and somehow during the first boot have a menu come up and then you select the machine model and copy over the appropriate hal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I am using Nlite to create an install from corp select license media. When the system comes up for the first time it tries to Register and add new users. How can I turn this off ? Thanks,
  8. Thankyou very much that gets me on my way
  9. I did read and I am still confused as to what files I need. Can someone verify that once extracted I only need the files in the smaxwdm\w2k_xp directory. The stuff in the data2.cab looks like it is not necessary. Can someone please verify. You guys are pros at this. I am just trying to start to understand the process.
  10. I was hoping someone could help me. I want to make my own driver packs for dell computers. I am also interested in how to prepare the drivers for sysprep.inf file. I downloaded drivers from the following link: http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/...3&os=WW1&osl=EN I found the data1.cab and data2.cab. What files do I need for a driver pack and for sysprep.inf detection? I have tried extracting these files using winpack2 an am successful. I just dont see what files would be necessary. Thank you in advance for any help that you provide.. I really appreciate it.
  11. Just dropping a note to see if there are switches or autoit script for a silent install for Netscape 8.0.1. I searched the forums and didnt find anything for this verison. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  12. I am requesting an auto it script for Netscape 8.0.1. Thanks in advance for your help it is greatly appreciated. This is the last piece to my unattended DVD
  13. Just dropping a line to see if anyone has used sysprep with factory mode. I was wondering if in fact the registry keys for the new devices would be reenumerated? I want to take an image for a machine like a dell gx20 dump it on a gx270 run sysprep in factory mode then run sysprep and reseal. Does this sound like it would accomplish what I am seeking to do ?
  14. Do you have a timeframe ???? Thanks a bunch !!!!
  15. Creative Sound Blaster 7.1 ch HD Audio driver Support model MSI K8N Diamond, K8N SLI Platinum Description Driver Version: Date 2005-2-14 Your System OS 2000/XP(7621KB) Here is the link..... http://us-download.msi.com.tw/support/dvr_...dio_winxp2k.zip Please post when this has been added. Great job on these driver packs
  16. I am a proud owner of an msi k8n platinum/diamond board. This has the sblive 24 soundcard integrated. I integrated the driver backs and everythink worked except I had to manuall install the sound card driver. What can i provide to assist in determining why this did not install automaticall for me. Please let me know and thank you for your assistance.
  17. Thanks a buch that worked fabulously .........
  18. When I look in the registry HKLM\USER does not exist.. When you create this subkey it loads when a new user logs onto the system ? What about and existing user ? Thanks for your help it is appreciated.
  19. I would like to know how to modify the default user profile and a subsequent profile if need be if it already exists.
  20. Sorry Im am confused.. The reg file I attached needs to modify hkcu I dont understand how to use the reg command to get that accomplished. I need to import the attached reg file to a specific profile. I know the path to the profile iI need to modify. Any help would be appreciated. Sorry I am having a mental block. Can I reach you by phone this is really bugging me... My email address at work is james.m.cease@slma.com Thanks,
  21. Can you please show how I can accomplish this at the user level ... I dont understand how HKLM\user works. Can you explain.....
  22. I need to modify HKCU as a power user in XP. Is there a way to load the enclosed regfile using the reg.exe command in a batch file. Would I be able to modify the ntuser.dat in c:\documents and setting\xxxxx\NTUSER.dat profile. I only need to modify one profile. Lock.reg
  23. The problem is that power user doesnt have the ability to modify hkcu key and I want to use privilages of a higher accout to make the modiification. I can always modify permissions on the registry , but how can I grant and then revoke permissions in an automated fashion?
  24. I need to modify hcu key and above as a power user in XP. For My situation the Power user does not have rights to modify these keys. I know I can add the user to the Administrators group and make my changes, but I dont want to do it that way as there are 80 desktops. Is there a utility that will allow you to modfy keys as a user who doesnt have rights or is there a way to use the system account to accomplish this change? Any help would be appreciated.
  25. I was wondering if someone can help. I am attempting the secure windwos xp desktop. Unfortuately I must have a word document on the desktop and the user can gain access to such things as internet options and many other things by simply clicking on help within word. Is there a way to disable help from all file menus? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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