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  1. I did this fix about 2 weeks ago on a 500gb maxtor and the problem happen again!!. will the fix work again? Yes, the fix will work again, but Seagate has changed the commands. You can see the commands: Ctrl+z F3 T>/C F3 C>Q List all commands. The m command finish with a comma. i cant believe it!! I started pc today and my Hard drive is all ok. I dont understand it. I better hurry with the backing up...
  2. I did this fix about 2 weeks ago on a 500gb maxtor and the problem happen again!!. will the fix work again?
  3. yea thats what i did. but when i started i put the paper over the contacts first. then did the Z. then slid the 2 papers out and tightened screws. then did the U. took about 3 4 mins to complete so if u see nothing happening straight away dont worry. urs may take some time too.
  4. I have repaired my hdd with this command: m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 and 0 mins 00 secs too. You have other problem, because you have BSY and LBA0 repaired. You can see all commands of your 7200.11 disc with this: Ctrl+z F3 T>/C F3 C>Q (List all commands of your hdd) Check your lists: Ctrl+z F3 T>V1 F3 T>V2 F3 T>V4 F3 T>V8 F3 T>V10 F3 T>V20 F3 T>V40 F3 T>V80 F3 T>V100 If you have G-List entries you have bad sectors. YES!!! thanks guys i think ive done it. im just checking my lists and the V1 list is still going after a few minutes - it is soooo looong. lol
  5. i had to buy my T6 from a mobile phone market store. he ripped me off at £3 as its a used one but if it works when I try it it'll be worth it?
  6. Hello, i have a similar. If well the same, I think: white=Tx green=Rx yellow= ground data, cable shield. and RED=+5V, pay attention, no connect to DD/TTL. black=ground power im even more confused now. i thought; white - tx yellow - rx black - ground. but when i connect white + green it shows some random stuff also - so is green ground too? AND when i do yellow + green I can type meaning green may be rx/tx?? can I do any damage by using wrong cable?
  7. the ca-42 i got has 5 cables. white yellow green black red the only way i can type in hyperterminal is if the yellow and white wires are crossed - does this mean they are the rx/tx wires? also crossing theblack and yellow wires brings up random characters - so is the black the ground? i dont have a circuit tester or multimeter so cant check the outputs from the usb? HELP! -- MAXTOR STM3500320AS 500GB MX15 NOT SEEN IN BIOS
  8. STM3500320AS I checked my maxtor sata 500gb and it wont show in bios. also when connected and i try to detect in Victoria it wont show up [this proggy is supposed to show if there is a bsy problem] the drive does spin up, but WIN XP takes a long time to start up. can I solve the prob with the CA-42 cable? what do i use to connect the cable to HDD pcb? My drive cant be bricked can it? :-/
  9. ok. i deactivated the AV and checked the drive. loaded up winxp and then connected the sata drive. it isnt seen by windows or by victoria. can i still fix it by the datacable method?? the drive spins up and i can hear it. when i plug it in nothing happens. not seen in bios also. Maxtor Diamond Max 22 500gb firmware cant update from MX15
  10. is it poss to use a 12 pin SonyEricsson K750i cell phone data cable. http://pinouts.ru/connector/12_pin_SonyEri...connector.shtml the pinouts are: Pin Signal Description 1 USB +5V in USB 5V supply - in K750 not used 2 SP_REF Reference 3 Mic+/AUXIN_L Microphone+ / AUX Input - left 4 Mic-/AUXIN_R Microphone- / AUX Input - right 5 DFMS/SP_L DFMS / headphone speaker - left 6 DTMS/SP_R DTMS / headphone speaker - right 7 VIDEO/STB Video / strobe 8 VPPFLASH Short to pin 9 for handsfree detection 9 GND Ground 10 CTMS / USB DATA+ CTMS / USB+ (data) - in K750 not used 11 CFMS / USB DATA- CFMS / USB- (data) - in K750 not used 12 Charge In Battery charging (+5V) - in K750 not used Used Shortcuts: * CTMS stands for Control To Mobile Station * CFMS stands for Control From Mobile Station * DTMS stands for Data To Mobile Station * DFMS stands for Data From Mobile Station Which pins should I use in this case - or just strip the wires and see whats there? Thanks Am i right in thinking that because the usb outputs 5volts i dont need a separate 3volt battery? or is 5 volts too high.
  11. hi guys i might try this, as seagate still not getting back to me. I cant see my HDD in windows or bios and the victoria prog that fatlip suggested worked first but now avg says its a trojan so i didnt even get to try it with my affected HDD. I have a Mator diamondmax22 500gb STM3500320AS and aviko assures me that this technique here for the seagate will work for me also. as they're both the same drives. i cant see my HDD in windows or bios. where can I get the parts I need in the UK. Any british people here who have done this with success post back here? thanks
  12. I tried this program victoria but avg reports it as a trojan. beware

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