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  1. I assume that the correct settings would be used automatically at installation time if you put the monitors INF, ICM and CAT files into the OEMPnPDriversPath. The monitor needs to support PnP for this to work. To update the driver after installation you can use devcon.exe as mentioned by Tyke. If you need to detect the device automatically you could also delete the device and have Windows detect it. This may also be done with devcon. You need to put the driver files in OEMPnPDriversPath first. I didn't try this with monitors yet but it works with other devices. So why not with monitors?
  2. OK, the reference to the CAT file is still in the INF but the signature is no more valid for any changed files. The CAT file contains a tag and hash code for every component of the driver. If one of them is changed the signature is broken. I tried to find some info about this mechanism. The following PowerPoint presentation is the best I found: http://download.microsoft.com/download/a/f...740/driver2.ppt
  3. Hmm, don't think so. Why are people signing drivers? One good reason is that they want to guarantee the driver is unchanged! If you change the driver e.g. by editing the INF the driver is changed and the CAT doesn't fit to the driver (the CAT contains a hash). Or you may also say the driver is unsigned.

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