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  1. Sure, except that RyanVM packs do not include IE7. No, not yet. He'll be making an addon soon, he says... But I couldn't wait anymore, so I made my WINXPSP2 with his 2.1.4 version together with nLite and Driverpacks (two days ago). Had to manuelly edit WINNT.SIF afterwards to get it right, though.
  2. Tjena! (Swedish for Hi! ) If you're using English version of Windows XP, use RyanVMs Post-SP2 Update Pack instead, as it contains all updates in one file and can be slipstreamed/integrated into the install-CD. If you're using another language, I suggest using nLite to integrate them, as it will recognise the files and integrate them correct. (I recently used this method to make a updated and unattended Norwegian WINXPSP2 CD.) Off course, if you're installing these fixes on an alreday installed Windows, the two methods mentioned above will not be an option. If this is the case, a batch-file is presumably best...
  3. Have you installed Java? Gmail need it. (If you don't use the HTML-version, off course...) I use RyanVMs switchless installer for Sun Java, 'cause he re-pack them with the latest updates.
  4. Thanks for your response Gurgelmeyer and thanks for clearing that up Then I understand Just installed Windows 2000, as I've recently got a second harddrive for experimenting with. Think I'm gonna wait for USP5.1 and use nLite to make me a customized install Was waiting for Beta 2 of Windows Vista, but now it's delayed to january/february (instead of desember).
  5. OK, thanks again Only thing to do is to wait for 5.1 to be released then...
  6. OK, thanks! So, if I wait for USP5.1 it'll include all that's in SP4 + UR1 + all of the updates after that + some other updates like IE6, DX9, etc and is supposed be be slipstreamed? How? Is it a "How-to.txt" in the ZIP-file?
  7. Hi all! Just found out about Gurgelmeyers Unofficial SP5 for Windows 2000. I am writing a guide about installing Windows in a Norwegian forum. It has two dedicated parts: one for WINXPSP2 + RyanVMs Post-SP2 Update Pack and one for WIN2KSP4 + Update Rollup 1. Then someone recommended this pack for WIN2K. But before I add it to my guide, I have a question to ask about USP5: Is it to be slipstreamed to a WIN2KSP4 CD? I miss a good FAQ explaining what USP5 is, what's included and how to use/apply it. Thanks in advance, Ray | Norway
  8. I have used the CD Image form Aarons unattended guide to make myself an ISO of a slipstreamed unattended SP2 CD. My question is as follows: Can I use it on the Norwegian version of XP Home Edition? 'Cause I guess it only packs the files together, right? It doesn't change anything that can cause an error because the files are for the Norwegian version...? Thanks in advance
  9. I used these commands under [unattended]: ProgramFilesDir="%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Progs" CommonProgramFilesDir="%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Progs\Common" But setup didn't change the folders. They're still Program Files and Common Files under C:\ Is this because I've slipstreamed SP2 RC2?
  10. Thanks! I'll try that when I get home. Which syntax should I use for disabling Outlook Express? I know I can remove it through Add/Remove Programs -> Windows Components, but I do not want it installed in the first place 'Cause i use Opera I've alreday disabled Windows Messenger and MSN Explorer in winnt.sif, since I never use these...
  11. Hi! Have followed AaronXP's guide (http://unattended.msfn.org/xp/registrytweaks.htm). I have the following lines at the end of winnt.sif [GuiRunOnce] %systemdrive%\install\start.cmd start.cmd REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\regtweaks.reg Both start.cmd and regtweaks.reg are placed in $OEM$\$1\install\ on the CD. But the tweaks does not seem to integrate under setup... And another question (a little off topic): is it possilbe to disable Outlook Express via the [Components] section of winnt.sif? HappyRay
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