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  1. hey guys.. i new in autoit.. ive been reading the forum here and downloading some of the samples to be able to practise it.. but ive noticed no one posted anything about automating windows updates. or running softwares under power user accounts or guests accounts. i know windows updates can be automatically downloaded and installed. from the internet but what if like in my case where i dont have regular internet connection. so i use the windowsupdate downloader that i found also in this site. but then agane there are a lot of updates to install it one by one. so how can i automate its installation, even by batch or something... if anybody can share an idea or sample maybe. it would be verymuch appreciated. thanks in advance for the advice and help..
  2. elo guyz.. im kinda newbe here. first thanks for this very informative site and very helpful people in this site... well im kinda new also in the unatended installation of windows and office but i got lucky and able to do the windows. but im facing a bit of a problem with office 2003 unattended installation. i have finished the instructions given by "Alanoll" in this site (link: http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/50/) but im sutck on the last part.. its say there to copy the code on the batch file.. but basically i dont know which batch file and where its is... can somebody help please?.. im sorry if this might not the right place to post this.. anyway can anybody direct me to the right place? thank you all for your help.

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