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  1. Hi there can anyone make a autoit script that dosen't change anything in the installation the only thing it needs to do is go through the setup and exit when done, pretty simple but i must admit i'm not good with autoit. This it what i got so far but i'm missing the last code ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; ; AutoIt Version: 3.0 ; Language: English ; Platform: Win All ; Author: webmaniac ; ; Script Function: ; Nero9 - Install ; ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Set up our defaults/Variables ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode", 1) $SF= "SetupX.exe" ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Script Start ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Run($SF) WinWaitActive("Nero 9 - Installation") Send ("{ENTER}") Send ("{ENTER}") WinWaitActive("Nero 9 - Installation") ControlClick("Nero 9 - Installation","","Button6") ControlClick("Nero 9 - Installation","","Button2") ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Script End ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------- i hope there is anyone out the who can help me finish the last part of the script EDIT Don't need any help any way i figured it out!
  2. Why don't you make admin install with a mst file then you can put in the serial and remove programs you don't wan't to install
  3. To all of you who wan't this i figured out that if you open unit.xml in " unit_app_* " folder's and search after " INSTALLACTION_INSTALL " and then change it to " INSTALLACTION_NONE " and in the " unit_hlp_* " folder's edit the unit.xml files again from " INSTALLACTION_INSTALL " to " INSTALLACTION_NONE " it won't be installed! and if you have a serial edit the setup.xml at the line that look's like this " <Prop id="SerialNumber"> PUT SERIAL HERE </Prop> " then you just need to find the silent switch haven't come to that yet. Hope all you users can use this Good luck PS. the * is a number if you change something in unit_app_1 the you need to change it in unit_hlp_1 too or else it install the help files to that feature/program you don't want. Hope everyone understands how i explaine this

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