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  1. Oh - I did F712 also on the second power cycle. Quite simple directions.
  2. aviko, all done, everything worked great, data copying as I type... Thanks
  3. Help - I am following your direction, and everything went well except the last m0,2,2,... No response from the drive yet - what do I do?
  4. This is what I posted a couple of days ago on Seagate forums, and I believe that they banned me from posting because of this I think that the only way Seagate can preserve their corporate integrity and credibility as a world leader in design and manufacturing of hard drives, as well as their viability in the marketplace, is to recover customer data for free, release a fully tested firmware that resolves the issues, and demonstrate to us (the customers, who are not all idiots) that they have a full control over this situation. If they don't do this, I think that they might become a subsidiary of Samsung or Hitachi very soon, assuming that they would be interested in salvaging another arrogant and ignorant American super-corporation, who had lost touch with their customers. Seagate moderator - please, feel free to delete this post, as you seem to have done to many others already. Seagate must be issuing bonuses for this kind of customer service. I didn't think I was out of line too much. Frustration over Seagate's inaction and ignorance got the best of me.
  5. I would also like to thank Gradius2 for the tenacity, persistence, and willingness to share his work with the rest of us. I too would like to thank with more than words. It would be nice if someone would start making these cables and selling them on eBay maybe...
  6. Does this look like it would work? http://alldav.com/index.php?main_page=prod...d6ba656f1d26c58 Looks like only $4 in US shipped.
  7. I just found out that I have been banned from posting to the Seagate forums. I have posted a few rants, which I feel I had a full right to do as a very unhappy owner of two 500GB 7200.11, one of which failed in just a few weeks of normal use (and the other one might as well). At least they didn't terminate my case, which I opened a week ago (of course - no response yet). Likewise, I had no response to my e-mail I sent to discsupport@seagate.com last Saturday (BTW, that e-mail was quite nice - please, fix my drive). As soon as I am done pulling some data off the dead one, they will be on eBay (please, bid handsomely). In the meantime, I bought an external refurb WDC 500GB for ~$80 from wdc.com outlet store with a $20 coupon (WDTHANKS) and shipping, and a 640GB WDC SE16 for another $70 from newegg. Samsung 750GB will arrive tomorrow, so I can start pulling data of the live 500GB. Anyone else got banned? What is worse: crappy product or crappy customer support?
  8. Well, after posting a couple of posts about my dead piece of Seagate 7200.11 SD15 garbage, my login at Seagate forums gets denied. In the meantime, I have one more of these crappers, but I have ordered a new Samsung to put in my main computer, since I don't trust my Seagates at all. There are more posts and blogs on the Internet by the minute. Soon or later someone at Seagate will have to do something...
  9. Well, here is another SeaBrick, barely a month old with no BIOS detection: 9QM7****:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD15:09116:KRATSG:(11-25-08):(01-13-09):DeadST3500320AS:USA:(No detect in BIOS) What a piece of junk...

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