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  1. I have Windows 98 SE on a hard drive that is partitioned c: d: e: f: g: h: i: j: k: l: m: n: Windows 98 is on drive i: I tried to use Drive2Drive to clone the hard drive. I put the new drive in and set it to be the slave. I tried to boot up but the new drive became drive e: so now the drive letters were c: d: e: f: g: h: i: j: k: l: m: n: o: and Windows 98 was no longer in the i: drive but was now in the j: drive so it couldn't be found and the boot stopped at a DOS prompt. So Drive2Drive could not start because Windows could not start. I took out the slave drive and booted Windows 98 and ran Drive2Drive. It did not report the drive sizes correctly. I put the slave drive into a USB enclosure and connected it and tried to clone the master harddrive to the USB drive using Drive2Drive but it said there was not enough room on the destination drive. I had somehow previously partitioned it but I forget how. I tried SpotMau but it only works with XP etc now even though they say it works with Windows 98 on their website. My next step was to try was to repartition the enclosed drive using my WindowsXP laptop but it doesn't do FAT32. And my Windows 98 boot disk fdisk doesn't seem to want to partition any more than 40Gigs and I want 60Gigs or 80Gigs. I like the idea of this thread of booting from a floppy into Windows 98 on a different drive than i: . I could use it to boot a new copy of Windows on the drive with the slave drive as e: and then try XXCopy or XXClone? or Drive2Drive? What if I put the new drive in as master and partitioned it and installed the MBR using the Windows 98 boot floppy? And then stuck the old drive in as slave and copied the i: drive on the old hard disk to the i: drive on the new disk? I think I would run out of drive letters. Or could I install Windows 98 on a new drive and stick a copy of my old Windows 98 on my USB drive in a directory and use the i:\Windows to C:\Windows find replace technique to get my old Windows 98 to move from the i: drive on the old hard disk to the c: drive on the new harddisk. Then I would have to copy my old prepaired Windows from the USB drive to C:\Windows1 on the new drive. Then boot into DOS and delete C:\Windows and copy or rename C:\Windows1 into C:\Windows on the new drive. Do you think this would work? Probably all my software would not work since it all wants to be in drive k: etc. -- I could copy the old Windows from USB to i: on the new drive and copy all the other drives into their places from USB and then tell c:\autoexec.bat etc to use the i:\Windows to boot up instead of the new c:\Windows. Then I could delete c:\Windows. Do you think this would work? Will XXCopy work for me? Will XXClone? How can I partition 80Gigs? So I have the problem that Windows 98 is on the i: drive and so cloning seems to be difficult. My c: drive is not big enough to do anything but boot up Windows. Can you help me? Any ideas?