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  1. I just curl the wire to make it fit on pin with plyers.
  2. Computer serial (or USB) port to which cable is connected and HDD must have common ground (GND). Otherwise you get garbage on wire. Thus problems with external powered HDD's and no GND connection. You can use Ping2 on HDD or GND power cable (black wire). When everything is connected to the same computer in most cases thereis already common ground.
  3. Hi, I am happy to report that I got my ST3750330AS back with all my data I have used Siemens C35 mobile phone data cable, cost 5.50 LTL (~2.12 USD). It connects to RS232 9pin connector on computer side, on mobile side it has 12 outputs. One needs 1, 4, 5, 6 outputs. It needs 3.3V power (maybe it will work with 5V, but I did not tried, as from specs it is 3.3V). So I used SATA power cable as power source: orange cable(pins 1,2,3) are 3.3V, black cable (pins 10,11,12). You need true SATA power cable as converter from MOLEX does not have 3.3V output. Now connect like this. 1 - should connect to computers GND (ground) - black cable 4 - should connect to computers 3.3V - orange cable 5 - should connect to HDD TX 6 - should connect to HDD RX The rest is as per guide in the first post of this topic. Thank you all for everything. Our activity also wakened up Seagate from winter sleep to provide us with fixed firmware. I dought it would happen that soon if not this community and especially some people work. Thank you all. -- Great resource I have been using is http://pinouts.ru/. You can find pinouts for other phones too, but keep in mind that it can be that pinouts would be from mobile side, so for cable you should use reverse thinking Good luck --
  4. These drives are failing at very accelerated rate. ST3750330AS newegg.com review
  5. Number:Serial N°:Model:Part N°:Firmware:DateCode:SiteCode:PurchaseDate:FailedDate:OEM/RETAIL:UserName:Country of the User: fail reason/fine 55:9QK0WPSV:ST3750330AS:9BX156-303:SD15:09024:KRATSG:2008-11-28:2008-12-30:OEM:valdas:Lithuania:(no detect in BIOS) Also has has text below specs STX-ST310000340AS (B) whatever it means. Maybe was ST310000340AS and was rebranded as ST3750330AS because of some problems when doing QA. Just my speculation...