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  1. All the USB outlets work fine. I can plug whatever I want in them, and they are recognized. The only one it is asking me for a driver, because there is none acceptable on the system, is the USB hub. Weird. I have here in the company another similar, though older, system and everything is working fine. No need for a driver. I guess, I will have to reimage the system. Thank you for your help, Bogdan
  2. It is Dell, and I already dealt with them. It does not work neither with the hubs on neither monitor, nor with an external hub I have from Compaq. Same behaviour in both situations. Bogdan
  3. Sorry TranceEnergy, however it did not work. I have the same issue. The USB hub is not recognized properly (it does not find a driver for it!?!). All USB functions are working fine, just this thing, and it is so annoying. I would like to use the hub I have on my monitor, and I cannot. It looks that I will have to reinstall the OS. I do not quite want to do that, but... Thank you again for your efforts, Bogdan
  4. Thank you TranceEnergy! I will install them and let you know how it goes, OK? Thank you again, Bogdan
  5. Thank you, however I already tried that, and it did not work. Apparently, according to the technical service from Dell, it is an operating system issue. I was suggested to either repair the installation (a very tedious process, which I do not want to do), or reinstall Windows x64. I can do the second one, however, before trying that, I would try something else, if there is anything else to be tried. I do not know if the reinstallation would work, and because it is a long process, I would use it as a last resort. Bogdan
  6. Hi all, Does anybody know where I could find a driver for a USB hub for an Intel based board (Dell Precision system)? Thank you
  7. Hi cibermiffy, I tried your solution, however it did not work. I have a Dell Precision system. I tried to plug the hubs on both monitors, and none was recognized from the system, and I have no idea where to take a driver for that. I also plugged another hub (Compaq) and I got the same results. It is looking for a driver and does not find it. Could you please help me with that? Thank you, Bogdan
  8. Hi everybody, I am a new member, just signed in, and hope to get some help from you. Of course, if I can be of help with my limited knowledge, I will do my best. Thank you, Bogdan

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