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  1. its possible your soundcard is picking up radio waves. sometimes my soundstorm will do that, and someone will be faintly talking out of my speakers, but really its just a radio talk show
  2. You don't need any other boot manager, you can use the built-in NT loader of WinXP/2K3 to have a menu that gives you the option between your OS and WinPE. In fact, i have WinPE, Recovery Console, Win98SE on one partition, and WinXP on another partition and Win2K on a third partition and have only one menu (ntldr menu) that allows me selecting whichever option at startup. piro could i see your boot.ini by chance? thats where all the information on booting to which partition is right? just seeing an example would help me a lot
  3. i can't find it. there is no mention of getdataback on the bart pe page
  4. just tried it again and added the non option, still doesn't work. ive only tried this one version though. maybe it works on other versions
  5. yes. ive done preinstall before on another pc, i put the catalyst display drivers in and it worked nicely. but can't get nvidia to work right. although ive only tried beta drivers and this newest WHQL driver. the drivers are in c:\drivers, i point my display driver to drivers\000_nvdisplay, it finds the driver, and installs it with that continue anyway prompt.
  6. I put it back to $1\drivers, and it still doesn't work. i actually have never gotten a nvidia display driver to install in pnpoempath. catalyst was simple though. is there some sort of tag that can be applied to any driver to signal windows to install it as if it was a driver MS has certified? clearly the problem is windows just refusing to install perfectly good files.
  7. cool thanks. now i just need a program thats like a boot menu but can make active whichever OS partition i select. ive used smart boot manager, but that just gives you the choice to select which HD to boot from right?
  8. well the drivers are in $oem$\$$\drivers\000_NVDISPLAY on the cd and then winnt.sif says this: OemPnPDriversPath="windows\drivers\000_NVDISPLAY" its the only driver in there right now. shouldn't this work or does it have to be in $1\drivers?
  9. ok im a bit confused right now. if you specify some nvidia display driver in pnpoemsetup, will xp only install them if its whql? but then i put some whql drivers(61.36) in my pnpoem path yet windows didn't want those either! i have driverpolicy set to ignore. and i know that i have all the files needed, because after install i manually pointed the display driver to the 000_display dir and it got all the files it needed(although it had a screen that said this driver isn't signed by blah blah blah) when i searched the forums i found pre-packaged nvidia drivers, but id like to have a formula that works if i just download the latest beta, and i want to be able to shazam them into 000_display and tell xp to suck it up and install them regardless. is this possible?
  10. it works fine on a normal version of xp. but when i run it in bart pe, it doesn't accept the name and serial. i even type them again, and it says its not acceptable. anyone know why?
  11. yeah i was thinking about network, but what goes through my mind is, unless i have a comprehensive collection of nic drivers, there will always be some person i come in contact with that doesn't have nic support.
  12. well it only gives 2 options. i need an inbetween option, i dont want to it for departition the whole drive and create a new one. i just want it to make a new install on an existing one which doesn't have a windows xp install there already.
  13. anyone know how to install bart pe onto the harddrive with a newly formatted partition?
  14. i would have posted in that bart forums but they are down right now. its really simple all i want to do is install bart PE onto a blank 500mb partition and boot from it. i had to fool the installer by copying ntldr, boot.ini and ntdetect.com, but its still not booting. what do i have to do to make bart pe boot? thanks for any info
  15. Ok, first of all this is an experiment, i intentionally screwed up this test machine. heres what I'm trying to do, but first to give you a better idea of what is happening: first, I zeroed the MBR on a HD that contained a fresh install of windows xp on an NTFS file system, so now no partition table, no nothing. second, i booted into Win PE(bart pe) and went into GetDataBack for NTFS and as expected all the files were in there and recoverable, including all the NTFS system files(http://www.ntfs.com/ntfs-system-files.htm). Now what im wondering is, is this recoverable? Is there a way to somehow shalack these $files onto the harddrive once again so that my partition table and boot info is once again there? the above link says that format.com puts these $files in place, but does anyone who knows about data recovery, know if there is a way to make this happen or am i trying the impossible? please only reply if you know about this kind of thing. thanks
  16. i like how winxp does that command, because it repartitions and formats really quickly. im wondering if anyone knows what commands xp setup uses to get this done? because id like to make this work on a separate boot cd, so that it could be a standalone program for partitioning and formatting with NTFS.
  17. is there a free verison of partition magic boot disk? i couldn't really find hwat i was looking for at bootdisk.com id really like to be able to do what windows xp setup does, but without having to load it. anyone know what commandline exes win xp setup uses to partition and format? edit: yeah thats what i need to do. anyone know the inner workings of windows xp partition and format routines?
  18. i want to make a partition and format it with NTFS without using the XP cd. i have spent too long trying to figure out how. the ultimate boot cd has 8 tools for partitioning and they all suck and dont work. can someone please tell me how i can do this
  19. trying to get a silent install of java runtime 1.4.2 to work, but it simply doesn't. the switch /s /v/qn works fine. i dont see it at all, the hourglass works. unfortunately, when i get into a web page to load the java applet for tightvnc, it doesn't load(red X at top left) now if i install the java runtime the normal way, it works, and i can see the applet in the web browser. this is using win xp pro sp2 rc2 and IE 6. and after the silent install if i reboot, still no difference. any ideas?
  20. im looking for the best way to rescue files off someones harddrive, assuming they can't boot into windows, and that they dont have a cdrw, and also assuming they would prefer me not to open up their case. what would be the best way? all i can think of is a USB file transfer cable, although ive never used one, but then i would need to get USB support in bart pe, which i have failed to find anywhere. any ideas?
  21. its weird, i would have thought it would be common to find a plugin for burning functionality in winpe. it would be ideal for file recovery on computers that don't have network access
  22. i know firewire is easier, but im thinking in the context of file recovery on computers that are old. since a larger percentage of computers have usb instead of firewire, it could be a more likely way to recover files from damaged systems.
  23. ive searched far and wide, here and web, can't find any info on how to network using USB? usb2.0 specifically. on microsoft's website under xp, they dont even list USB as a possibility for networking. yet i see the hardware that you can buy for it in stores. anyone know of a guide, or a way to set this up in xp pro? edit: for example, this "file transfer cable" http://www.cablewholesale.com/specs/ud-m20.htm
  24. ok the plugin is at the cdburnerxp website at their forum. but how do you burn? i mean when i take out the bart pe cd, the OS stops responding, so i dont see how this can work? the plugin works, i insert a blank cd, the program recognizes it, i go to write disc and it boots me back to bart PE. any ideaS?
  25. i dont think it was, there i can't find it there. argh

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