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  1. Windows 7 will not include successors to Vista's Windows Mail, Windows Photo Gallery, and Windows Movie Maker applications. Microsoft will offer Windows Live equivalents as free, optional downloads.
  2. The way to do it is as follows. Install vmware setup xp in a vm connect your phone and vmware should pick it up and enable it for you in xp install your drivers and active sync proceed to flash phone job done
  3. You could try Imgburn its free and it gives you option to write from 1 speed right up to the fastest your drive could handle....
  4. Yep Windows Vista x64 drivers work great with Windows 7x64, I had exactly the same issue with them at work......
  5. I have a machine with 8gb and it worked well without a swap file until I started playing Settlers 6 and it kept bringing a warning up about low swap space. I guess its all to do with how the app is coded.
  6. we figured out it is the ISA box as this is the default gateway on the network and it has dhcp relay for vpn connections. so were gonna turn it off and see what happens....
  7. I think it may have somthing to do with the vpn settings on the isa box....
  8. the service is not installed and running. does this need to be installed and configured?
  9. We have 4 sites with server 03 and a different subnet for each site eg. Site1 has the range of 192.168.0.x upto 192.168.3.x and the other site has 192.168.60.x up to 255. What basically is happening is we are getting addresses from the other sites on all the other sites. i.e. on site 1 we are getting address from site 2 and from site 2 we are getting addresses from site 1. Is there any way round this? We have tried simple things like turning off the dhcp and bootp on routers but to no avil.

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