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  1. Indeed...thanks for all your help. I now carry my flash drive around with me with all the versions of Windows on.
  2. Ok...one final question regarding this program. Do you know what files Windows x64 deletes after setup from the flash drive? Is it too many to list and will require a resync or is it just a few I can replace manually?
  3. I have read about the different options you can use for the menu like colors etc. It says you can add a different color for each title but I cannot get it to work. I can set the overall menu colors etc but I wanted to have the highlight text colors different i.e green for Home edition and Blue for Pro. It says to add it color under title but it doesnt work.
  4. Ok back with a report..... IT WORKS!!!!! I zeroed the flash drive as posted above and did everything in that thread. Thanks ilko_t
  5. Will try that and report back...thank...back soon...
  6. I added Vista to the USB flash drive after already adding 3 versions of XP but when I boot to it....it loads the bootmgr instead of grub so I had to take Vista off so it would load the menu to install the XP versions.
  7. Nope that didnt work either. Its loads bootmgr instead of grubldr.
  8. Hmm..not the best solution but it will have to do for now...
  9. Is it possible to add Vista and 7 both x86 and x64? I added Vista x86 but when I went to add x64 it just copied it to the same location i.e overwriting x86.
  10. Not sure if this is related but I have two flash drives ( 1x 4GB PNY Attache) (1 x 16GB PNY Mini Attache) and the 4GB one is suitable for the Windows ReadyBoost but the 16Gb one isnt according to the properties box for each drive.
  11. I found this thread after having the same problems with the write error. I formatted to FAT32 but it just says: Remove disks or other media. Press any key to restart. I have no idea why using FAT32 wouldnt even load the second part let alone the first.... seems we are moving backwards on this problem rather than forwards..
  12. C:\Users\Matt\Desktop\WinSetupUSB\files\grub4dos>grubinst -v (hd1,0) Start sector: 0x3F Image type: NTFS Install mode grubinst: Write error EDIT: Having had a look around the forums here I found this thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=133164 But I still have problems....I put them in that thread.
  13. PNY Mini Attache 16GB Windows 7 x64 20090624_011316_log.cab
  14. Ok I did this and all I get from the first output is: C:\WinSetupFromUSB\files\grub4dos>grubinst -l -v (hd2) grubinst: open: No error So I changed (hd2) to (hd1) and then (hd3) and I still get the same. I also tried the new test version you just posted and I get it with that too....
  15. I have a problem. I have installed XP to my flash drive and when I boot to it.....it goes straight to the second part of setup??!! It doesn't go to the grub loader to select which os setup to run the first part of setup. I even tried just installing the boot files only and its still the same. Any ideas?
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