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  1. WPI 7.7.0 Buglist

    Hi Try "Sysinternal" tools like Process Explorer.exe or Process Monitor.exe to find out what process that hangs when you run WPI with nVidia drivers installed. (just an idea) A link to sysinternals suite. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinte...s/bb842062.aspx Best regards
  2. question about WPI

    Im sorry I dont really understand the question. Do you want to install applications/software?
  3. Hi Yes. The system is finished, but then installs/configures the User settings when desktop is loading. Perhaps if you install an application like MSInstaller, IE8 or SEP (Symantec Endpoint Protection) that requires a reboot before something else is installing because of the PendingFileRenameOperation is hunged up. But they are ways to come around that too.. Best regards
  4. How to upgrade your WPI!

    I think a simple MSI could be nice or even Executable with features or propertys that install a fresh or upgrades WPI. I can take a look at it someday.
  5. WPI v7.6.0 Buglist

    Thank you!!
  6. Thanks Kel. Is it ok to call you Kel?
  7. I would like to change my MediaPlayer(Audioplayer) color in the WPI from black to white like Kelsenellenelvian has at his homepage. Is this possible in Windows XP? Visit WPI homepage Best regards
  8. WPI v7.6.0 Buglist

    I found that "Default Vista Tabs" in Options-Style dont work. Everytime i choose Vista I get "Default XP Tabs" Oh one more thing.. the Swedish flag in WPI language is not right, should look like the one here on MSFN. Best regards
  9. Interesting.. I have the same problem with AVG 8.0 /freeAppz
  10. WPI v7.3.0

    Thanks Kelsenellenelvian You made a great work once again! Best regards freeAppz
  11. Great! I look forward to it! Btw a maintenance release is a complete version of WPI right? I mean i could basicly just change the new UserConfig.js and Config.js to the old one i have. execpt if i found any changes in them i need to copy my old info in the new ones. Thanks again!
  12. Great!! Now it looks perfect. Thanks Kelsenellenelvian!
  13. Thank you anyway, i have learned so much on past couple of days about WPI and i just love it! I´ll think i wait to Kelsenellenelvian perhaps can get my pictures ready for IE6 and then do the install of IE7 the old fashion way. Now i have started an translation of WPIs swedish language file, and after that im ready for installation of my OS. Have a great weekend everyone! I will
  14. Thank you very much chaoticyeshua! I have tried the integrator and it works just fine. But how do i get the IE7 to install unattended? Now i had to click next, next in the middle of WinXP installation.. Best regards faz
  15. Official WPI autorun menu! (discontinued)

    Hi! I also want a translation for autorun Swedish translation: Start WPI = Starta WPI Exit = Avsluta Thanks