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  1. RT Seven Lite Issue

    Did you have any luck with this issue ? I just did up an unattended and basic tweaks windows 7 pro 64 iso. The only hang up is when I load after initial install it gives me the error that it couldnt install rt7litepi something like that. I have to do a reinstall to find the exact error again. However it sounds like its the same function as you noted. I've used r7tlite in the past but havent had this issue before, so not sure if i missed a setting or something.
  2. Okay I've spent the evening digging through various threads, my mind is turning to ooze There are various tools here and some other options for customizing a win7 installation disc / image. Some sound great, but also some seem to have their own bugs or flaws. My question is to ask advice on what would be the most effective and easiest to use tool based on whats available ? I dont need to do anything too crazy. My goal is a lite version of win7, not an extreme version. An easy to use interface that usually succeeds is desirable Im going to work with the win7 sp1 msnd version. TY much !
  3. Ive done a number of vLites of my original Vista wSP1 that came with my Gateway laptop. This isnt a restore disc but the actual OS disc. I did a number of builds, and progressively started leaving in more and more options, until I had backtracked all the way out to completely unchanged. Apparently using vLite in any way is causing me to be unable to change my computers name or network name. If I try I get an error box that says "The following error occurred validating the name "anynameitry". A general network error has occurred." If anybody has any idea what I could be facing or inadvertantly changed let me know. I didnt bother with a log as in my last builds I didnt change anything, just created Iso's of the disc. Im not sure if I changed something that is needed as it looks like some of the previous inputs in stuff like services dont change from build to build. Thanks !
  4. Complete Guide to VLite v1.2 (PDF)

    Great guide ! TYVM for putting this up - was a tremendous help. Question at the end of your guide - you noted your iso was down to 520 mb. I did pretty much the same settings you did in the guide (i took out a couple extra's) and removed the drivers for display, printer, tv tuners, diva, qlogic, and scanners. In the end my iso was still a solid 1.3 GB. What are the really big size eaters or am I missing something ? Thanks.
  5. Help Finding Tweak Guides

    I did some searching, then browsed back quite a ways in these forums but so far no luck on anything definitive. I want to safely trim down my Vista install. Ive used nLite successfully. But I need some good descriptors and official words on whats safe to remove in Vista. Thanks for the help !
  6. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Thanks Fernanado 1, I will give those linked drivers a try after work. I notice that nlite options the drivers to be textmode when it integrates them. When I use them manually in another app like bartpe, is there something I have to do to make sure they are textmode ? This might be the problem all along but Im unfamiliar with how this is flagged or checked. Thanks.
  7. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Hello Fernando 1, Ive been trying to get my new Acer X3200 that uses nForce hard disk drivers to work with bartpe. Got them from pack 15.24. Ive gone round and round trying to add them by the SCSIAdapter folder. Tried DTS mass storage plugin. Havent gotten the drive to work yet. I even went and pulled all the variants you have listed, as well as a number of others, and rebuilt and tested BartPE a few dozen times now, lol. If I use a BartPE cd I will get a BSOD. Which is what i'd get with my original xp install discs. I made an nlite xp install using the IDE drivers from 15.24 and it worked like a charm. So I know its a matter of getting these drivers into bartpe effectively. I finally went and made a USB bartpe which allows me to load up and avoid the bsod, however the hard drive isnt listed in it / isnt seen. So again its the drivers. I was able to get the drivers installed using F6 off another USB drive, but ideally I want this to work all in BartPE. Long story short I have been unable to get the driver to work or integrate into bartpe. If you have any advice or can direct me to someone who's done this i'd be massively grateful and happiness abounds Thanks !