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  1. VB Error. Error Smart Assembly.

    I know I am misssing a program.. A program for my computer. It works on other computers. Lol.. I am missing something,..
  2. I was about to use a program. Then i get this error And then I click debug.. This shows up: Please help me fix this problem.. Thanks!
  3. [Desktops] 2008

    is this to me?? cause i have post it on a different site. No Everyone
  4. [Desktops] 2008

    Please note if you didnt read rules Please do not post screenshots within threads that exceed 300x200 in resolution and 150kb in size. Provide a link to the image and host it on your own web space if possible. Always keep in mind we have several members on 56k and loading a thread with a few large screenshots can be quite slow for them. Not following this rule could be ended in a ban
  5. Outlook Express problem

    I have found out the pop3 And the SMTP (Yahoo) But each time i go to outlook express it sais Log In and it keeps popping up even when i am loged in! If you can help i would be happy
  6. Picture Animation

    Have you ever messed arround in system32..Found a picture thats animated? If you have and you know how to make them please tell me how!
  7. Content Advisor Pass Reset

    I went to Regedit did this and i dont see ratings I went to Policies and cant see Ratings See full img
  8. Content Advisor Pass Reset

    I have forgotten the password to Content Advisor..... I've heard that you can reset the password?
  9. Autoit Error Please help!

    Suggest you look into your startup entries (Startup Folder & registry) to check whether any application (written in autoit) is misbehaving. I forgot how to check Registry?
  10. Happy Birthday

    Nov 29

  11. Hi.. Can somone please tell me how to put images in forums with i would be happy if somone could help me put imgs in forums
  12. Autoit Error Please help!

    Hello. I have a problem when i turn on my PC It popups a Error each time i turn on my pc and i didnt even download Autoit! HELP!!! I know you might not see it But help me in any WAY Cant see?::Look at it in full size k?