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  1. Registry Tweaks, Part-1

    well if someone hasnt done it by the time I get home and off vacation, I know of a pretty easy way to do it and ill do it...
  2. Good job Cubie well done!!! and about your sig - are you talking about the really long one, cuz I found it somewhere...someone quoted it, so its saved somewhere on this board... this one?
  3. syntax about .bat file

    uhm, try doing an if /? in cmd before saying that else has to be on same line as if
  4. syntax about .bat file

  5. well, i havent had a problem yet installing "apps" during cmdlines.txt - in fact it is the only way I can since noone can figure out whats wrong with my svcpack.inf. The only ones I install that you seem to think I have a problem with are MDAC, DX9, MSJVM, IE6, MM20, WMP, WJV...I believe that is all...but they always install (well, minus WJV cuz I run that during runonceex). I dont see why it would be any problem at what you install during either t-13 or t-12...I was told they are virtually the same just one runs first because one always has to run first in anything you do, or they would run at the same time and might cause an error (see the logic behind it?)
  6. cmdlines.txt on floppy

    Ok well, just looking at that its not gonna work...InstallFilesPath means it looks for the I386 folder on your floppy - no floppy i know of can contain the i386 folder...and OemFilesPath i think is supposed to point to the dir holding $OEM$ so OemFilesPath=A:\...do what wolfshade said and make your cd...make an $OEM$ folder on the cd, and in cmdlines.txt put this A:\batchfile.bat and have batchfile.bat contain whatever you are trying to get to run off a drive
  7. Help for many questions!

    well...i didnt mean pskill was better than taskkill, but some people prefer pskill...process.exe is better than both of them...Outlook Express is a good example...if you open msimn.exe and use taskkill to close it (by using runonceex) taskkill will exit before msimn is even open...I use process because it has a timeout option...ie I use process.exe msimn.exe -q 10 and that says that in 10 seconds it will forcibly close msimn...10 seems to be long enough, but I never could get taskkill to close it, id see the command window open and close and then like 20 seconds later msimn starts
  8. Need serious help with user/pass

    got it all taken care of CAD CAD gets you to classic logon which then I was able to login as admin, kill joe somebody account and everything is back to normal, thank you all for your help...
  9. Need serious help with user/pass

    the admin account is not deleted...according to my documents and settings folder. Im gonna try the CAD and see if I can get to classic...I may be left with reinstalling the OS
  10. Ok...is there a way to change the default user through importing another computers registry into another machine...basically this is my problem. The machine is asking me to Login as Joe Somebody...I have tried every password that I can think of, but none work. I want to change it from Joe Somebody back to the Administrator account, but I dont have an option to switch from Joe to Admin. The Admin account was being used, but through the use of one of the tools (wihu) Windows now nixed the Admin account and all that I am left with is Joe Somebody. So is there some way through editing the registry or through a tool that I can tell it the default user is Administrator and to use the Administrator password?
  11. hmmm...there is still going to be an error doing it that way...I install ie6 in svcpack.inf (which runs at T-12), but I still get an error message with OE6 and an identity swicth cancelled or something...Ill have to see how I do it now, or if I just run a batch file to fix OE, but there is an error in installing IE6 on W2K
  12. Cmdlines won't run anything

    there is also a switch you have to use in winnt.sif...I forget exactly what its called, but you can post you winnt.sif and someone Im sure will tell you...you could always bust up into this and check your winnt.sif against his. Found it, its OemPreinstall=yes
  13. Standard Applications

    isnt there a way to use binary data for a reg_sz key? I believe it has to stay as a REG_SZ type key...and I just tested modifying the binary data to %programfiles%\ but is there a way to set a reg file to do that for you? Also, I dont see a point in using %systemdrive% since almopst all the programs are going to be in the Program Files dir anyways, I would just use %programfiles% as the "drive inependent" variable.
  14. Help for many questions!

    Im going to assume that your runonceex is correct for anydvd, cuz what you have posted here is not......Beyond that - taskkill is a good prog, but not always a good thing to use to kill tasks...try pskill...if that doesnt work, then its because it takes some time for it to load the exe...in which case youll have to switch to something that allows you to set a TTK (time to kill) number...process.exe does a great job of this... For your powerdvd, it is because of you .ISS file is all I can see...open in notepad and inspect and make sure that you dont have something that says "as" in there or post it here and ill take a look... I think thats all the ?'s
  15. This is making me nuts HELP!

    lol, yea, I see LOL...but you did complete the batch file for him...You prolly woulda beat me if I did... PS nuhi, im gonna PM you