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  1. With Opera 12.02 under Windows 98, I cannot access many websites. I get fatal error 40 messages, no matching encryption methods. I followed the technique suggested in the link above of copying a Opera 12.18 system to a Opera 12.02 folder to get Opera 12.18 on Windows 98. The technique says to leave in place, from Opera 12.02, opera.dll, html5_entity_init.data, and the gstreamer directory. I had some difficulty getting this to work because, in my Win 98 system, I had Multi User=0 in [System] in Operaprefs_default.ini. When I copied the 12.18 system from Windows 7, I copied the Windows 7 operaprefs_default.ini file. That file did not include a Multi User spec. The copied system did not recognize my profile settings in program files\Opera 12.18\profile. When the program opened, I had no menus. When I put the spec back in, the program worked. It took a while to figure this out. Having done that and used the program, I wonder what this exercise accomplishes. In settings, advanced, security, security protocols, details, I still have the ciphers that I had in 12.02 in Windows 98. Compared with the ciphers available in 12.18 in Windows 7, I have no ECDHE, elliptic curve Duffie Huffman ciphers, and no GCM, Gelois Counter Mode, ciphers. I saw only six common ciphers in 12.18 on Windows 7 and my 12.18 and 12.02 systems on Windows 98. The web sites that didn't work, such as motherjones.com, still don't work. It looks like I still have a 12.02 system? Did this exercise accomplish anything? Has anyone had more success with this technique?
  2. Is there a keyboard shortcut key that will open the eject dialog box on a system without a mouse?
  3. The instrutions say: Do these instructions mean that I only need go into device manager, locate these devices, and click the remove button to remove these devices, or, if I have installed device specific drivers that came with flash drives and usb controller cards, I am supposed to track all of them down and figure out how to uninstall them?
  4. Here are the results from my post #1320 about playing flv with avc and webm media files. I downloaded and installed the Haali Matroska Media Splitter, v., from the link without apparent problem. I downloaded the latest ffdshow from the link, svn 4275. When I tried to install it, it bombed. My machine has a AMD K6-III processor, which preceeded SSE. FFDSHOW stopped supporting non-SSE processors around version 1936 or 1940 (One place says 1940 but 1936 is the latest version I have found.) Those non SSE versions of FFDSHOW do not support the VP8 encoding in the webm file. I looked for the webm project referred to by drugwash above. I found it and discovered a dshow filter package there, at www.webmproject.org/tools/ The post referred to version The one on the site is now I found some posts saying that some earlier versions had some SSE instructions but that the latest worked without SSE. I downloaded the MPC HC standalone filters, v It didn't work, unknown reason. I noted that the KernelEx compatibility table, www.msfn.org/board/topic/152471-kernelex-apps-compatibility-list-new/ , indicates that MPC HC version 1.3.1249 is supposed to work with KernelEx. I downloaded that version and registered the FLV splitter filter. It worked. I could play the .flv file with the avc content. I next attempted to play my webm files. Zoom Player said it could not find a suitable source filter and could not play the files. I tried Media Player Classic It played both files, though not very well because the decompression exceeded my cpu power. I tried Windows Media Player 9.0. It played both webm files, again not very well. ZP, MPC, and WMP are all direct show players. Why MPC and WMP worked but ZP didn't I don't know. I tried playing my webm files with my browsers. Opera 11.60 displayed a player image and made no effort to play the file. Fire Fox 8 played it, though not very well because of my cpu. I then discovered that Zoom Player would no longer play .mp4 files. After much screwing around, I uninstalled the Haali Matroska media filter, and Zoom Player started playing .mp4 files again. The Haali install broke something. Flv with avc videos continued to work after the uninstall. The KernelEx compatibility table shows the Haali Media Splitter working with KernelEx but does not indicate a version number. It appears that the current Haali splitter broke something between my Win 98 operating system, KernelEx, the splitters, and my Zoom Player player.
  5. I need to update my system to include a dshow splitter that supports .flv files with AVC content and .webm. files and a decoder for VP8. I have Win98SE with KernelEx 4.5.2. I use Zoom Player 8, in large part because it still works on Win 98. Does anyone have any recommendations for how I should do this?
  6. I tried STDU Viewer 1.5.647 with Kernelex 4.5.1. As noted below, this program has one feature I have wanted since the original Kodak Imaging program. I did however have some problems. I had to wonder if they were STDU problems or Kernelex problems because I don't have a system without kernelex. I went to the web site and didn't find any forums, only a email address for support. File, print consistently crashed the program with a page fault in kernel32.dll. In the preferences/options dialog box, clicking "paragraphs and fonts" consistently crashed the program with a page fault in module STDUVIEWERAPP.EXE. In the shortcuts branch in that dialog box, clicking the assign command button for a entered short cut key did not do anything. In the text documents branch in that dialog box, changing the background color did not do anything. The program did not remember the window position and size when re-starting. For selected areas of the image, the program provided copy and save options, but not a cut option. For me cut is important because I often have to clean up black areas on scanned documents. That said, the program had one feature that I have wanted for years. If you key view, setting, the program offers three slider controls for brightness, contrast, and gamma for the image. When viewing bright white background .pdf and .tif documents, you can turn down the brightness on the white backgrounds to a level where you don't wish for sun glasses.
  7. I tested them under Win 98 SE, no Kernelex. Nothing worked. The codec installation wizard appeared to work but none of my direct show media players would play the file. All of them said unrecognized or something to that effect. I wasn't sure how to verify that the wizard worked and that my system actually recognized the new codecs. I tried the playwebm.exe file, which I assumed was a player. It crashed with some kind of run time error. I tried the other makewebm.exe program and it would not start. It sad something about a driver not functioning, which I have seen other XP programs. do. The material on the web site left me unclear if you had to have a media splitter. The language of the site spoke as if all you needed to do was install the codecs. It did not say you have to install the splitter. But the page did reference the Haali splitter on http://www.webmproject.org/tools/#other_webm_tools I followed that link and inferred that the media splitter support for webm doesn't work with Win 98. If you need both, 98 might not ever play these files.
  8. I installed VLC 1.1.0 to see if my changed oleaut32.dll made any difference with that version. Previously when I tried 1.1.0 it wouldn't start. I saw some disk activity but the window never appeared. See When I tried it this time with the changed oleaut32.dll, I got the same result as I got before. I saw some disk and cpu activity but no program window and no messages.
  9. For unrelated reasons, I restored my Win 98 SE system from an image backup. I downgraded my oleaut32.dll to 2.4o.4520 from http://www.mdgx.com/add and http://www.mdgx.com/files/OLEUP.EXE That appears to have worked without problem so far. I reinstalled kernelex I got a new set of symptoms. For a couple of tests, vlc simply disappeared. I opened the file, and VLC shut down with no notice of any form. However, for most of the tests, I got an illegal operation box with a page fault in kernel32.dll. Then when I closed the illegal operation box, I got another illegal operation box with a page fault in kernel32.dll. I was in a loop of illegal operation boxes with a page fault in kernel32.dll that I could not get out of except with the reset button. Ctrl-alt-delete and Start and shut down did not function. I didn't have time to comprehensively check particular media types and their mode of failure. It looks like the 2.40.4522 oleaut32.dll was bad. However, the problem remained that I could not get any videos to function, though audio ones did. I have run into the problem of loops in crash boxes before. I continue to wonder about the message, "The kexbasen.dll cannot start. Check the file to determine the problem" and what it is saying, see
  10. According to http://my.opera.com/core/blog/2010/03/03/everything-you-need-to-know-about-html5-video-and-audio-2 "Opera 10.50 has now been released on Windows, and it supports the HTML5 video and audio elements." Did anyone get this to work under 98? I thought HTML 5 was new in 10.6 and might have been the reason 10.6 did not work under 98. But if it did work in 10.5, it is not the 98 incompatibility with 10.6.
  11. I tried VLC 1.0.3 ... I get a variety of errors. Do you have KernelEx installed? You need also MS Layer for Unicode 1.1.3790.0 (= unicows.dll) to be in %WINDIR%\SYSTEM (or at least in VLC folder). Yes, I have KernelEx 4.5 beta 2. Yes, I have unicode.dll 1.1.3790.0. My oleaut32.dll is 2.40.4522. Multiple versions of this dll are floating around. I found several in instsallation CD ROMs I had on my hard drive. I think I got mine from mdgx at http://www.msfn.org/board/newer-version-files-t98653.html I tried changing my oleaut32.dll and got a symptom change. I replaced my 2.40.4522 oldaut32.dll with a much old version, 2.20.4118. Instead of getting a page fault in oleaut32.dll, I got a page fault in kernel32, followed by the R6016 not enough space for thread data, followed by a second page fault in kernel32. I also verified that audio files continued to work with the earlier .dll file.
  12. I downloaded a .webm file from the Opera website www.opera.com/medua/video/1060/introduction.webm and got a 8 MB file. GSpot said unknown file and unknown MIME type. VLC said unrecogznied. MPC said cannot render. Zoom Player said crash. How can I play these new kind of file?
  13. Someone in the Opera Desktop forum said, "K-meleon is a good alternative for those unable to run Opera on older versions of Windows." http://my.opera.com/community/forums/topic.dml?id=633722 See http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/ for K-meleon. I know nothing about it. Does anyone have any comment on the suggestion?
  14. Hi fortcollins, VLC 1.0.5 & 1.1.0 are NOT working. Last version I am using with KernelEx is 1.0.3 I tried VLC 1.0.3. I got mp3 and mp4 audios to work, but so for I haven't got a single video to play. I have tried extensions .wmv, .ra, .rm., .mp4, .avi, .mov, .flv.. I get a variety of errors. Usually I get a page fault in oleaut32.dll, followed by R 6016 not enough space for thread data, followed by a page fault in kern32.dll. A few times I the faults went into a loop and I had to ipl my system with the reset button. I didn't find anything with these errors in the VideoLAN forum. I tested on a machine with no internet connection. I just tried playing local files.
  15. Someone opened up a Win 98 thread on the Opera Desktop forum: http://my.opera.com/community/forums/topic.dml?id=633722&t=1278130690&page=1#comment6066462 I understand Win 98 has many more users than some of the MAC and Linux versions Opera supports. The people at Opera need to hear that people still are using 98 to contradict the popular perception that no one uses it anymore.
  16. Is there a standard somewhere that defines exactly what makes a program compatible with KernelEx? If you were asking a programmer unfamiliar with KenelEX to write a program compatible with KernelEx, what would you tell him he had to do to make it compatible?
  17. You don't need to set compatibility for Opera 10.60. I don't understand this. I went back and unchecked the XP SP2 compatibility box for Opera, and it worked. I thought the whole point of KernelEx was to make Opera think that it was operating on an XP system and the point of the XP SP2 compability box was to tell Opera it was XP, as opposed to the alternatives. Without the XP compability turned on, what kept Opera from thinking it was on an 98 system? Did you tried Firefox 2 or 3? No. I don't have Firefox at the moment. I am a long time Opera fan boy. However, given all the problems with Opera 10, I may have to soon.
  18. I installed 4.5 beta 2. I installed VLC player 1.1.0, with compatibility mode to XP SP2. The install seemed to work. However, when I try to execute the program, nothing happens. I see my disk activity light come on once, and my cpu activity goes from 1 % to 5% and quickly back to zero. I don't get any error messages. System: Win 98 SE SP 2.0
  19. I wanted to see if Corel Draw 12 might work. I put the first CD ROM in my computer. I searched the CD for .exe files and set them all to XP SP2 compatibility. I then started setup.exe. I immediately got an error message: 1607 Unable to install InstallShield scripting runtime. System: Win 98 SE SP 2.0
  20. Rainyd at said he got Opera 10.6 to work. I tried it tonight, build 3433, and got nothing but crashes from Opera. I had set both the install program and opera.exe for XP SP2 compatibility. I just installed it today, and so far nothing has worked for me on my system. System: Win 98 SE, SP 2.0.
  21. I installed KernelEx 4.5 beta 2. I had previously installed 4.0 but couldn't get anything to work. I uninstalled it and then installed 4.5 beta 2. When I started up I got a message that said Kernelex installed and sucessfully and functional. However, from then on, I get a dialog box saying "The kexbasen.dll cannot start. Check the file to determine the problem." Needless to say, I don't know how to check the file. System: Win 98 SE with SP2.0.
  22. I followed up on the links and eventually discovered that this functionality was included in the mdgx list at http://www.mdgx.com/dos.htm I had read that page before, but what these command extensions can do didn't come out of the deescription there. For some details on what they can do, see http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/for.mspx?mfr=true
  23. From the Opera desktop development blog: http://my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/2010/06/17/core-fixes?startidx=150#comments Yowanvista # 18. June 2010, 07:47 Originally posted by jlorentz: Still getting message with this release: Failed to load opera.dll because: a dynamic link library (DLL) initilization failed. Using Win 98 SE Upgrade to a newer OS Win98 is old and support is discontinued Minimum requirements: Windows 2000 on a Pentium II 128 MB of RAM 20 MB of free disk space http://www.opera.com/support/kb/view/386/ The Opera page cited also contains some additional, ambiguous language under the heading "Minimum configuration for Opera:" "Although Opera may run on older hardware and older versions of Windows, it will be less usable. If you are using such hardware or software, you may be better off installing a legacy version of Opera." The poster yowanvister does not appear to work or speak for Opera. See http://my.opera.com/Yowanvista/about/ Is the Win 2000 minimum OS language on this page new from Opera or has it been there before 10.6? Does anyone what is going on in Opera re Win 98? I have not seen any discussion in the Opera forum, http://my.opera.com/community/forums/forum.dml?id=26 I do believe Opera needs to hear from people using it under Win 98. Earlier related post: Opera 10.6 Beta Doesn't Start,
  24. I installed USB 2.0 cards on my systems several years ago and had nothing but trouble with the VIA cards. In fact, I never got them to work. I have no problems with NEC cards. I got the drivers with the cards.
  25. I installed Opera 10.60 beta, builds 3413, 3422, and 3426. None would start. I got a message "Failed to load opera.dll because: a dynamic link libary initialization routine failed." Two posters on the Opera development team blog reported the same problem. Both were also running Win 98. Does anyone know what is going on? Has anyone got it to run?

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