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  1. BenB, You think much as 'Ol school me .. and you likely have your answer to 7z query But... for what it's worth check http://www.7-zip.org/support.html Trust you find 7zip as the best for compressed file handling- in all formats- As I Do. Heck - I'm still trying to figure out how to come up with a min. FAILsafe nLited XP-Cd integrating at least SP3 + IE7 (or IE8 if now finally deemed superior).. and still provide 'Repair Install' And 'Recovery' options; in view of these last postings at: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...grade&st=20 Yet as a pure nLite noob, there is much to be learned with input from 'maestros' as yourself + Johnhc, Sp0iLedBrAt, et al ... all who are way more capable than I. with my many THX Staff
  2. After looking past days into Google Chrome- with its much better purported perf. FYI: if you haven't seen- ..GoogleChrome/support/forums.. et al It seems some big update/ revisions are needed for a Stable Chrome !
  3. Thanks for the Reply... As I recall Orbit would not smoothly grab "embedded .flv links' - as of 5 months ago It took a good bit of fiddling with & @ Rapidshare ?- this being on much older desktop prior to my Laptop efforts with FFx 3 and the surprising ease of any DL .. using FlashGot plugin Alas the perf.- crashes- et al issues still abound in the FFx forums Still Looking
  4. WaLa ... one hand does feed the other Your discovery / mention of the Java script plugin issue, may well be the reason BIG poor perf. / FX crashes on my other Laptop, gave hesitation to my reasoning... to move back to FFox3 currently Further investigation ongoing.. w/ all help/guidance as posted above THX
  5. Looks like no help on this quest ... lookers but no replies !
  6. Not wanting to butt in, although I found much of what Tarun mentions and your noted Add-ons are covered and .. Thought Maybe this compile of links due FF Crashes helps: http://www.blogsdna.com/430/9-fix-for-fire...ing-problem.htm Now I have to decide if its worth it to go FFox just to enable use of FlashGot... as it doesn't look like I'm getting any replies to my 'FlashGot..equiv. plugin for IE7' topic posted in MSNF ...
  7. Was having many issues w/ FFox 3.03-4 ( as found on Mozilla's own forums, et al links as:) Firefox3 Crashes + tips Now this relative newbie has IE7- SP3 running clean on a different WinXP laptop .. (I have tabbed browsing, but the actual Google Toolbar is disabled) Only missing the great -lean FlashGot w/right click features incl. direct file/link downloads ... Its the moderate features, simple interface, free, multiple format file DLoader capable of : Speedy DL of online shared files from Rapidshare,etc (never had a broken connection) AND Grabbing Flash+(.flv) video streams from nearly any page or site - my must have criteria My big quest is to find the best near equiv. for seamless integration to Win-IE7 .. - Note: In FFx - FlashGot Add-on Stands Alone Or allows integration for GetThemAll DLM As a non-gamer - what I've seen of (my unneeded) more complex DL Managers Apps: FlashGet - known bug with nvidia drv. install Orbit & FreeDM - have tried with various configs - but they still don't meet all the criteria (usually with only limited/supported sites) .... LeechGet2.1 appears the same As I joined here - hoping that the more astute may post comments/guidance or Email me ? Many THX in advance
  8. @Gouki thats an impressive and very useful list you have here: THX for sharing I think you could add /note the : FlashGot plugin/extension as a Stand-Alone DL Manager Its fast, simple interface, multiple file DLoader capable of grabbing Flash(.flv) video from nearly any page or site DownThemAll - Maybe added if full DL managing features are needed. My big quest is to find the equiv. for seamless integration to Win-IE7--anyone?
  9. To Lordfett ... I had same symptons you describe on a Laptop FF3.x w/ chrome As a relative Newbie, I didn't go thru all you did to remedy but I saw posts elsewhere * noting same.. some gave up back to IE6 or 7 ..as I am on another machine. One thing I saw also related to the FlashGot plugin -- which I try to find an equiv. for in IE * Maybe this compile due FF helps: Firefox3 crashes
  10. Just arrived - hoping for guidance ..being a grateful one !

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