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  1. Ok I came on this forum some time ago and i found this awesome tool that allowed me to modify Microsoft Office 2007 such that I could enter my product key, and customize which features I wanted installed... all via a nice GUI.. I can't find this tool anymore. Can someone help me out here?
  2. Massive confusion about Aplication Integration

    Mind mentioning which ISO builders can work from a vlite'd ISO to integrate apps? I solved the windows update hotfix problem
  3. EDIT: I found it... Windows Update Downloader got it done for me I am trying to compile my custom immage but for the life of me I keep getting EXE files from MS..... Where the heck do i get the MSU or CAB files for these freakin hotfixes and updates? Im trying to get the MS Office 2007 updates streamed into my Vista ... IE: kb955470
  4. Okay well I read the FAQ then searched the forum for my question before posting.... I want to add in Firefox, MS Office 2007, games, and other apps to possibly cut down reformat time.... I already have my Vista x64 SP1 disk and I am currently making an ISO out of it on my computer... So! Can applications be slipstreamed or added to a post-install / post-setup process to install them automatically ? FAQ says no, members who posted the same question recently got answers saying yes, no, and its very hard..... I am downloading the WAIK thing right now, big file.. And I have most of the installers I wish to stream in... however some of the advice I found is out of date... forgive me if those "old" answers are the right ones but I cant help but think there is some easy way to do it with this new version.. EDIT: Also I am trying to add in some hotfixes and updates, I downloaded the EXE's from MS website however vlite wants CAB or MSU files??