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  1. Hi, guys, thanks for your feedbacks and suggestions. I'm just busy in hunting for jobs... tough time for fresh graduates this year. Anyway, I'll find some time to perfect it.
  2. @dumas Thanks for your post, I''ve updated the "opetations.zip" FIX(You might have to restart from Phrase three): Please open "addfeatures.cmd" and change the IMGMOUNT variable to your prefered one.
  3. Please don't remove the service whose name is "Event log"
  4. Hello, everybody, I'd like to write a detailed guild of liting Longhorn (Server 2008) by using WAIK and vLite. Firstly, I'd like to thank Aviv00 and other guys who's spent much time working on it. And Please don't hesitate posing your problems encountered during the process of liting you Longhorn according to this guild. Guide: Phrase one - Preparation 1. Prepare the setup disk and mount it by your favourite virtual CD manager. 2. Extract contents of the setup disk to the SOURCE location for later use (eg, "E:\Longhorn"). 3. Create and open your WORKDIR (eg, D:\Desktop\Longhorn) which contains some necessary tools (eg, "gimagex.exe", etc.). 4. Open the WAIKTOOL directory which contains "pkgmgr.exe" (eg, "E:\Windows AIK\Tools\x86\Servicing"). 5. Open "Windows System Image Manager" and "Windows PE Tools Comand Prompt" (Optional) from the start menu. 6. Backup some files in %SOURCE% (located at "%SOURCE%\sources). Original catelog files("*.clg", 4 at all) (Optional, recommemded)Install image file "install.wim" Phrase two - Pre-processing 1. Tweak the registry in "install.wim" to make all packages visible. Mount "install.wim" (R/W) to IMGMOUNT directory (eg, "D:\Desktop\image") by gimageX. Tweak the registry (%IMGMOUNT%\Windows\system32\config\SOFTWARE) to make all packages visible (See more later). Replace the original "SOFTWARE" with your tweaked version. Unmount "install.wim" with "Commit changes" enabled. 2. Make an answer file for pre-installing features only (Optional, I've uploaded one, whose name is "addpackages.xml" in the attachment) . Note: - Make sure of the image index in the wim file, eg, index of ENTERPRISE version is 2 - DO NOT create an answer file which contains both pre-installing features options and removing packages options, because it's very important to TAKE EVERY STEP SEPARATELY just like refactoring if you've got some ideas of it. Phrase three - Pre-install necessary packages 1. Mount "install.wim" (R/W). 2. Copy files ("features.xml" and "addfeatures.cmd") to %WAIKTOOL%. 3. Edit "addfeatures.cmd" to set your IMGMOUNT directory. 4. Customize "features.xml" if you want to enable or disable more features. 5. Call "addfeatures.cmd" to start adding features to the image. 6. Commit changes to "install.wim" and unmount it. Note: Do NOT reverse the order of Phrase three and four, since it's neccessary to execute Phrase three first to rebuild "install.wim" and it is the side effect of calling "pkgmgr.exe", or you will get ERRORS in Phrase four ! Phrase four - Remove packages: 1. Mount "install.wim" (R/W). 2. Copy files ("rmpkg.cmd", "process.cmd", and "packages.txt") to %WAIKTOOL%. 3. Edit "rmpkg.cmd" to set your IMGMOUNT directory. 4. Customize the "packages.txt" (list of packages to remove) to meet you requirements. 4. Call "rmpkg.cmd" to start removing packages from the image. 6. If ERROR occurs PRESS Ctrl-C TO STOP ! Check the "log.txt" for detailed information Unmount "install.wim" and DISCARD changes Remount "install.wim" (R/W) and restart Phrase four (You can choose INTERACTIVE MODE by calling ("rmpackages /int") and save the changes constantly). 7. If successed, congratulations and commit changes to "install.wim" while unmounting it. Phrase five - Regenerate catelog files: 1. Launch "Windows System Image Manager" 2. Select the install image file "%SOURCE%\sources\install.wim" 3. Choose the RIGHT version (ENTERPRISE in this guide) to start generating And you can now see the packages reserved in visual mode. Phrase six - Make "Autounattend.xml" for automatic setup (Optional) 1. Use "Windows System Image Manager" to create new answer file with saved name - "Autounattend.xml" 2. Do some customizations as your need Phrase seven - vLite phrase Go with "-extreme" enabled. Tools uploaded: operations.zip "addfeatures.cmd", "addfeatures.xml" "rmpackages.cmd", "process.cmd", "process_int .cmd", "packages.txt" Original full packages list for ENTERPRISE version : Packages_all_org.txt Sample automatic setup file (Place it in both root dir and "/sources" dir) : Autounattend.xml My choice of reserving packages: SHOULD reserved: Microsoft-Windows-Branding-SE-Server-Package Microsoft-Windows-Foundation-Package Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy-ClientExtensions-Package Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy-ClientTools-Package Microsoft-Windows-International-Core-Locale-NLS-Server2008-Package Microsoft-Windows-Server-Drivers-Package Microsoft-Windows-Server-Features-Package Microsoft-Windows-Server-LanguagePack-Package Microsoft-Windows-ServerCore-Drivers-Package Microsoft-Windows-ServerStandardEdition Microsoft-Windows-ServicingBaseline-ServerStandard-Package Microsoft-Windows-WindowsFoundation-LanguagePack-Package Additional packages recommended (help packaged for reserving "add features" functionality): Microsoft-Windows-Help-Customization-Package Server-Help-Package.ServerEnterprise Microsoft-Windows-SearchEngine-Server-Package Microsoft-Windows-ServerDesktopExperience Microsoft-Windows-WirelessNetworking-Package

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