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  1. Not that big of a deal Nuhi, but when removing "Intel Indeo Codecs", nLite seems to remove the files and leave the registry entries. K-Lite's CodecTweakTool.exe is the tool I used to discover that problem. Edit: More Information on that: ID: vidc.iv41 Filename: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ir41_32.ax
  2. Fernando, in nLite, I remove all the drivers supplied by Windows XP with NO exception (cause I have my own new drivers for every hardware). My question is, do you think Windows XP installation is gonna succeed if I integrate my downloaded nForce4 RAID drivers even though I removed all Microsoft supplied drivers? To put the question in a plain manner, Does RAID need any driver supplied by Microsoft?
  3. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=603489
  4. This problem is caused by some drivers integration or removal. It happed to me after integrating nForce4 drivers and removing other drivers. I'm sure that you can install your nLited Windows XP successfully in VMWare. Just try and see for yourself...
  5. Thx Fernando for everything you have done. You see, I live in a crap country were alot of uploading website are blocked. Unfortinatly, Vista drivers are uploaded to Megaupload. I know what I'm asking is too much but this is my only way to get my hand on that ripped driver. I'm sending my email privatly. BTY, the drivers I need is this one: http://www.megaupload.com/fr/?d=W4BBMD1G Please look at you Private inbox
  6. How can I install Windows Vista RC1 from Windows XP using the new your "Brandnew method". Shouldn't Windows Vista asks for a RAID driver during the installation? or not? Another question, why did you proposed the use of nVidia version 6.85 and not 6.86? UPDATE: OK, I installed the OS using your new method. There weren't any endless reboots BUT, however, the system booting is extremely (VERY VERY) slow and I found that Windows has defined the "Primary IDE Channel" which I disabled from the BIOS and I found something for the first time "Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller". What do you think is going on? BTW, I'm using an nForce4 motherboard with 2 SATA hard disk as RAID0 and 1 PATA DVD Writer as a "Slave" of the "Secondary Channel". Drivers used: 6.86
  7. Completely agreed My next motherboard & graphics card will not going to be an nVidia I'm sick an tired of their support
  8. Hi Nuhi... I would really love from nLite to gray out (NOT REMOVE) the checkboxes that I select in the compatibility dialog box so that I can know exactly what that compatibility dialog box do to components.
  9. So, is that a fix for the endless reboots with the latest nLite? If yes, just let me say "I LOVE YOU" man
  10. Hi Nuhi, I have an idea for nLite: Wouldn't be better if nLite make the components ckeckboxes in a desabled state instead of removing them when selecting a particular function from the compatiblity dialogbox. I hope that you got the idea. Regards...
  11. I'm having the same problem exactly just llke you soulkeeper. I'm using RyanVM Update Pack v2.0.7a and nLite v1.0 Final. I noticed that installation reach 10 minutes and then it JUMPS DIRECTLY to 2 minutes then to 1 and then it restart again and again and again without showing even the boot screen. I tried the CD on VMWare an it WORKED without any problem. BTW, my system is NF4 based, and I'm using RAID. I hope this information can help you to descover the problem Nuhi...
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