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  1. Some people prefer many little partitions. I prefer few big partitions with the subjects organized in folders. That is more flexible in terms of space usage.
  2. Thank you very much for taking the time to look at the problem. If I understand you right, there is really no clue as to why this is happening. I just had a friend who was restoring from an 8 month old image with the Win7 imaging facility. He ran into the same problem. Maybe it has to do with the later introduction of WAT. Sorry for the confusion with the MGADiag link. I am usually a bit swifter - at least after 52 years in computers, I should be.
  3. Hmm, problem is I cannot find 1.9. except on some shady websites. Do you happen to have the MS download link. Thanks for all the help.
  4. http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii36/whs37/HTG25/2010-11-29_111137.png
  5. http://www.macrium.com/reflectfree.asp The download is all the way on the bottom of the page.
  6. It is Win7 32bit which I bought from NewEgg Nov 09. Has been working fine since then. Did the restore from my Nov 09 image because it had developed a few glitches. It must be genuine because the Lady at the MS help desk gave it a clean biil of health after she walked me thru a gezillion numbers. Works fine now too and the glitches are no more there. Maybe the "unsupported OS" stems from the fact that I used an older edition of MGADiag.
  7. I did a system restore from a Macrium image that was 1 year old. Everything ran perfectly except I got the notice on the bottom right of my screen that my Windows7 was not genuine. I got that quickly sorted out by the MS help line but I wonder what could have caused the problem. The help line people had no suggestions to make. The Windows7 is a 32bit OEM and the image was from free Macrium. I have restored at least 30 times on this and other systems from a free Macrium image and never encountered the least problem. Is it possible that the age of the image (1 year old) could have caused the problem or are there other reasons.
  8. It looks like a RAM problem. I assume you have 2 sticks. Take one stick out and try again. If that does not work, try the other stick by itself. Here is a guide on how to do that ( http://support.gateway.com/s/Mobile/Gateway/4536GZ/4201faq25.shtml ). This may not be exactly your model, but you will get the idea. The important step is opening the clips. The rest is a piece of cake. If you determine that it is a faulty stick, get a new one (you may use the opportunity to upgrade your RAM). You can scan your PC here ( http://www.crucial.com/index.aspx?gclid=clc7ieyzvpccfryenaodgh7jsw&ef_id=1705:3:s_6bb7793def0e1a58cd2af23d4db33704_1771685393:pyvl99bklaoaac96jqyaaaap:20081213201317 ). The Crucial System Scanner Tool will tell you what options you have - and the price. But it never hurts to shop around.
  9. OK, we'll leave it as is.
  10. Thank you for your answer. It clarifies the matter completely. I guess I could have asked in a yes/no format. But sometimes the world is more subtle. The subject can be closed, but I don't know how you do that around here.
  11. I thank everyone for the interesting ansers. But I still am not sure my question was answered which is:" Does the recovery partition have to be a primary partition"?
  12. I am trying to clarify whether the e.g. Windows7 Recovery Partition has to be a primary partition or whether it can also be a logical partition. I was always under the impression that only active boot partitions have to be primaries. Unfortunately it has become a bad practice by the PC manufacturers to define 4 primary partitions on their preinstalled OEM Windows7 systems. Those can be: 1. A 100MB active boot partition that contains the MBR (Master Boot Record) 2. The OS partition that contains Windows7 3. The recovery partition 4. And often also a tools partition with the OEMs specific tool box This gives a normal non-geeky user little chance to define e.g. a data partition. I usually recommend to burn the recovery DVDs and then delete the recovery partition to make room for an extended partition without running into the dreaded dynamics. But that is not really a very elegant solution. I would prefer to convert all the primaries (except the active boot partition) into logicals (e.g. with Partition Wizard) Does anybody have any insights whether that will work. Note that I teach classes including the disk management topic in the local computer club. I would hate to recommend schemes that do not work.
  13. I started using Fedora which I load from a USB stick. Unfortunately I cannot do very much with it, because it does not cooperate with my German keyboard. I have found a language setting in Fedora but not a keyboard setting. Does anybody have an idea how to deal with that? Thanks.
  14. 64bit is more stable than 32 bit because of the drivers. Only the 64bit drivers are digitally signed, thus they undergo an additional check. It is said that about 45% of the Vista problems originate from the drivers. Much more so in 32bit than in 64bit. You should, however, make sure, that all 64bit drivers that you need for your system are actually available. That is not for certain. As far as the Vista flavor is concerned I would opt for Home Premium. Ultimate is more expensive and unless you need the additional functions like bitlocker or disk ghosting, it is not worth it - and disk ghosting you can get for free with Macrium. Also consider that Windows7 comes out next year and then you may have to reinvest anyhow.
  15. You have to do that in a few steps. 1. Go to INSERT > SHAPES and draw a rectangular shape 2. Cick on DRAWING TOOL (above) and go to SHAPE FILL. Choose PICTURES and fill the shape with your (faint) picture 3. Go to INSERT > TEXT BOX and draw a text box on top of your picture. Now you can write into that. 4. For Picture inserts on top of the original picture you can repeat steps 1 and 2 Note: You can eliminate the shape outline, change the shapes with EDIT SHAPE (top left in the FORMAT tab), you can do special effects with SHAPE EFFECTS, etc. There are a lot of possibilities and those are just a few. Here is a little sample I made. Took me about 4 minutes to make it. Just found another sample that I had made another day. This may correspond more to what you are trying to do.
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