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  1. thnx man rly good post to i have one question and i rly need help with it if some one can help me.. im tryin to make the windows7 bootable but i cant.. vLite does not work, ive added the wimgapi.dll file to the vLite folder but still it does not work.. And ive tried this one to the CDIMAGE.exe command to make it bootable but im getting an error like this and i dont knwo if ive done it right.. Here is a pic:
  2. how do i make it bootable? :S vLite does not work for me.. ive added the dll file it needs from WAIK and i have waik installed but i still get the install waik thing
  3. Hello, ive modified my win7 to another language and now i want to make it bootable but with vLite i cant beacuse it says i need WAIK and i have it, and ive added the dll file from waik folder to vLite folder and still im geting the same problem Is there other apps that i can make windows 7 bootable? Or is it other way to fix the vLite bugg thing? otherwize than adding the wingapi dll file cuz it wont work for me.. im using windows xp pro sp3 x86
  4. ive tried it to.. i havent put anything with the installation ive tried to just put the theme and the uxtheme patch that is with nLite, but still it does not work.. After the install is finnishes i get the old theme (luna) back, and i need to go to theme panel to change it to my theme :/
  5. Hi! there is something wrong with my nLite or windows version that i got :S... Im using my Windows that i got from MSDNAA with sp3, but i cant put my theme that i want to have as default :S.. Is ther anyone who can help me with this... is it other way to fix it?
  6. Hi, when i make my own bootscreen skinm with tuneup utility the bootscreen image is very very bad :S I meen the colors ar elike 16 bit how can i change that?? The original picture is HD quality really good quality Also if someone could help me to edit the real ntoskrnl.exe, i cant get the black image visible with photoshop.. dont understand how to do :/ thnx for the help
  7. Thnx m8, but ive fixed it now im making the addons with 7zip, works great
  8. Hello everyone. I really got a big problem with my addons, and dont really know what the big problem can be... :/ Im using Add-OnMaker for nLite, when im making a file that is on for example 10mb, it becomes 200-500mb.. why does that happend.. shouldnt it be like 9 mb ore something like that.. cuz im using a few own addons that i need to add.. but now i cant use them beacuse the windows becomes up to 7 gig and that is rly strange.... Please if someone knows what the problem is help me.. Or if there is any other apps that is easy to make addons install silently and does not take so mutch space Thanks for the help
  9. well i found a way to change wallpaper You can make an Addon for it to Make an cmd file and an registry file. wallpaper.reg install.cmd In the install.cmd you type the path to your wallpaper.reg example: install.CMD regedit /s "%windir%\wallpaper.reg" After that you edit the wallpaper.reg Example: Wallpaper.reg Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop] "ConvertedWallpaper"="%windir%\\Wallpaper1.bmp" <- Path to your Wallpaper "OriginalWallpaper"="%windir%\\Wallpaper1.bmp" <- Path to your Wallpaper "Wallpaper"="%windir%\\Wallpaper1.bmp" <- Path to your Wallpaper This is how i did and it works perfectly After this you create a directory and then select all 3 files.. Wallpaper .CMD file .REG file And then with Winrar, rightclick and add to archive When winrar popups select Create SFX archive. After this go to Advanced menu and click on SFX Options... In the options menu you type the path where it is going to install the files. (Path to extract) Example: %windir% And if you look under this menu you se Run after extraction There you type path to the install.CMD Example: %windir%\install.cmd In Modes menu where you see Silent Mode check Hide all And now you are done, make the SFX file After this make it to an addon with Add-OnMaker for nLite
  10. ye i wounder this to, trying to fix so that my own Wallpaper and skin changes automaticly when windows is finnished.. with nlite when i choose to have my skin as standard or another skin it does not work:S dont know why ...
  11. Hi! 10 mins ago i had nLite installed and it worked rly good, then after 3 restarts or something happend i dunno, it gives me the error about Net Framework 2.0.50727 I got all netframework installed 2.0, 2.2, 3.0, 3.5 so, my question is why does the error come? what did i do wrong? i tried to install Net Framework 2.0.50727 but it says its incompatible with the ones ive got.. please somone help me thx // Lenti Ive fixed it now had some problem with the register.. the installroot was gone

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