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  1. Seven logonUI for XP

    ???? the picture below, at the bottom is the extracted Bitmap 2003 from my sevenui.exe and the one on top is my modified, but when i put it back to sevenui.exe, the file wont work MSFN.bmp would you tell me how to edit sevenui.exe? thx in advanced
  2. Seven logonUI for XP

    hiya... great work...thx i also have sevenui.exe for XP, but i cannot edit it using ResHacker. if i edit the exe file, it will not run and says "error on line 41" and also i cannot see the text "Windows 7 Ultimate" in Bitmap_100. how did you do it? tutorial please... cheers...
  3. Shared %imageroot%\Program Files\

    I actually did not mean anything, just informing both you and Tripredacus that you (meaning mactepu only ) are basically on the "wrong" board. For BartPE reference board is 911cd: http://www.911cd.net/forums/index.php For Winbuilder based builds it is Boot-Land: http://www.boot-land.net/forums/ WIM images are mounted in Vista based builds though native Vista or WAIK tools. Cannot say if the same is possible on a XP/2003 based builds, but if it can be done it is more likely that there is a Winbuilder based project allowing it than an old-style BartPE plugin. jaclaz Thx jaclaz...
  4. Shared %imageroot%\Program Files\

    FYI VistaPE: http://vistape.net/ has nothing to do with BartPE, it uses the Winbuilder scripting engine: http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showforum=22 for which there are project based on XP/2003 Sources (like BartPE and corresponding to WinPE 1.x): with Vista/Server 2008 (corresponding to winPE 2.x): http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showforum=51 and even with Windows 7 as source, (say winPE 3.x? ): http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=7053 jaclaz thx jaclaz... I understand what you meant...ive just combined WinPE 2.x with BartPE under one ISO image and both OS can boot and shared the same programs in "\PROGRAMS\" I just want to know what method does WinPE use to mount the VISTAPE.WIM file so it appear as Boot(X:) and can I use the same method and put the scripting in my BartPE?
  5. Shared %imageroot%\Program Files\

    thx Tripredacus what i meant are in question 1 & 2 are the same...it is not about BartPE...most of the files in VISTA PE are put in vistape.wim if you view the ISO, but if you run the VISTA PE it will loads the vistape.wim contents (%imageroot%\Program Files\, %imageroot%\Program Data\, %imageroot%\Windows\) into Boot (X:) drive...since i combined both OS (VISTA PE & BartPE's XP) into one ISO, i want to share it to my BartPE's XP, so both OS will use the same stuff and i want to know the method in VISTA PE when it is boot and mount vistape.wim so i can experiment the same inside BartPE's XP... question 3, understood...
  6. hi am a newbie... 1. I've downloaded VistaPE v12 and made my modification of VISTA PE & I also made my first WINDOWS PE with BartPE. 2. I combined both OS and shared the programs in "ISO\PROGRAMS\" folder and put it under one ISO image. 3. I've tested it in VIRTUAL PC 2007 SP1 and both OS can boot and use the shared "ISO\PROGRAMS\". But some of the programs in VISTA PE is not under "ISO\PROGRAMS\" but put under "%IMAGEROOT%\PROGRAM FILES\" in VISTAPE.WIM image. 3. My VISTA PE will not load all programs and shortcuts if I am using 512MB of RAM, it will fully loaded if RAM is 1GB or higher. my questions are... - What method does VISTA PE use to boot and mount the VISTAPE.WIM ? - Can I use and put the method to mount and share the programs in VISTAPE.WIM ("%IMAGEROOT%\PROGRAM FILES\") for my WINDOWS PE ? - How can I reduce RAM usage in builded VISTA PE, what to edit ? Such as if you want to change screen resolution you need to edit [main] screen=800x600 in "ISO\vistape.cfg" and "%IMAGEROOT%\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\vistape.cfg\". thx in advance experts...