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  1. Install XP on 500mb disk

    I'm going for it... Total size is: 138.73MB (63MB removed) Trying it now
  2. Install XP on 500mb disk

    like smaller ones ah got it guru3d .com
  3. Install XP on 500mb disk

    Thank you for the help. Excuse my last post I managed to get the OS fully working. By disabling the "Minimum memory requirement" in nlite - I did not edit the pagefile setting in txtseup.sif as you suggested (I actually forgot) however it still worked on default. The install left me with 120mb free. However after all the drivers (just wireless, video) and firefox - Left me with just 23mb of free space. (even with a 2mb pagefile, I created a 1gb pagefile on a usb pen) I'm going to go deeper with nlite, because I need to install the audio driver and I want at least 75mb free space. ========================================================================= back to nlite, the xp is 201.80mb - this is what I kept... Drivers Multifunctional Portable Audio SCSI/RAID Sound Controllers (can I remove this as im installing my own aud drv) Wireless Ethernet (WLAN) (same here??) Hardware Support Network Client for Netware Networks Connection Manager Mac Bridge TCP/IP Version 6 Operating System Options .NET Framework 16-Bit Support Out of Box Experience (OOBE) Visual Basic 5 Runtime Visual Basic 6 Runtime Services Could I remove anymore? ps, where is that site to find those modified drivers? Cant remember the name now cheers
  4. Install XP on 500mb disk

    I just opened the previous preset in nlite, the disc I setup with nlite (which gave the error) already had "Disk and Profile Quota" ticked. bit confused now
  5. Install XP on 500mb disk

    thanks for the help! will try it now could I edit/replace the pagefile.sys in recovery console? cd \ gotta fiquire the rest out
  6. Install XP on 500mb disk

    nope bios first... windows xp logo black to that blue color (not bsod color), then that error message pops up and boom it reboots (sometimes you dont even get a chance to read the msg, just reboots quickly) thanks for help
  7. Install XP on 500mb disk

    Big Problem. I managed to setup windows fine - all the way to the end. But on boot it states: (see pic below) please help ============================================================== I did notice the option to disable "Minimum memory requirement" in nlite - Should I have ticked this? Do I have to re-do nlite/burn image again to do this? Any other ways? Cheers
  8. Install XP on 500mb disk

    Ah Cheers I just found it and disabled it, actually found out where it was by an old post of yours http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...st&p=799544 Many thanks - Trying it again now
  9. Install XP on 500mb disk

    There is an option to bypass your problem in nLite, did you tick it ? No I didnt click it where is this option in nlite please mate (or what is it called exactly) cheers
  10. Install XP on 500mb disk

    hi can you please help me, I've been trying for months now to get windows/linuxworking on my thin client.. It has just a 500mb Ram disk... I created a stripped down (300mb) xp install with nlite, booted the laptop with the external drive. when I get to the partitions page in xp setup, I click enter to setup windows on the unpartitioned space... Then it cannot continue because it says: so is there a work around? It had windows CE on that disk before I wiped everything off... How can I install XP on a 500mb Disk? thanks for any help ps I believe the disk is "PQI IDE Flash -DiskOnModule 499mb"
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