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  1. MrBusty

    Outage Today

    Yeah, would be cool!
  2. Hi W3bbo, will you contact us via mail when xpize is ready for translation, so that we do not have to check this thread so often? Thanks, bye
  3. WTF? - Why should you learn Spanish, if these kids won't learn English?!? I mean, you are "wasting" hours and hours just to write the whole programme. - And now they want you to do the translation of their emails too?! Well, for this behavior they shouldn't get a spanish version - just for penalty! 20min is no big deal. I will do the German translation.
  4. MrBusty

    Yer beta

    Hello W3bbo, my VM was not able to restore the Anolis installation (attachment). - Actually it cannot restore any restore point! I noticed this behavior after the first installation of Anolis - but I did never restore my VM before, so I cannot say, if this bug was caused by Anolis or not... Do others have problems with system restore after Anolis installation?
  5. MrBusty

    Yer beta

    @Dumpy Dooby: Power Meter is not a standard tab - maybe these icons come with the chipset driver... Besides that I can confirm your depiction. @W3bbo: We have to thank you!
  6. MrBusty

    Yer beta

    I have the same screens like DEEAGLE, if I open these tabs on the display dialogue. @Dumpy Dooby: did windows system restore work properly?
  7. MrBusty

    Yer beta

    Hi W3bbo, I destoyed my VM! :| The fist attached file shows the error message, which shows up after clicking the Restart button as mentioned before. The second file shows the error message, which pops up after launching the device manager for instance - but it occurs also on 'Event notification', 'Administration' and 'Services' (my system is in German and thats my translation... hope you can figure out, what I mean). It says: "Error while creating an empty document" Windows was not able to restore the system, so the device manager is gone now... I could finde some new icons on the system properties dialog. - So, that worked fine. Regards, Busty PS: May I ask? What is the deal with WindowsX?
  8. I'd like to risk my virtual machines... Do you need some web space? - I can use my web space from university (until next march) Btw: Will there be a Luna Elements mod also?

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