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  1. Open your eyes Tkrojam: I haven't figured out the CD image format for NT6.x CDs (Vista and Windows 7), this will be done in time for a Vize 2 release next week.
  2. That is the reason, for saying, that the release date is "when its done!". Take your time w3bbo.
  3. MrBusty

    xpize 5 Beta 3

    Hey DADOZ, don't keep w3bbo busy with postings - he has to concentrate on xpize! *g* Do following: 1.) click the Start button 2.) goto Run text field and type "cmd.exe" 3.) it opens a console window, where you have to navigate to the folder, where the Anolis Installer is located - use "cd.." to jump one folder back - use "cd\" to jump back to the root - use "cd [NAME]" to select a specific file or folder (replace "[NAME]" with the actual name of your target - you can use tab for auto suggestions) 4.) if you reached the right folder, you have to enter the name of the executable, followed by a whitespace and the option "/ignorePackageCondition" e.g.: "Installer.exe /ignorePackageCondition" You can also create a shortcut to the Anolis Installer and add the option "/ignorePackageCondition" to the exectuive path. But w3bbo wants to release Beta4/RC1/Final tomorrow - so I suggest, that you should wait until then.
  4. Thanks g-force, but I think, that this is a message, which pops up, if the user did not select a package, which is integrated in the Anolis Installer. - In this case I would not say "Embedded-Paket" but use "integriert" or "eingebunden". "Wählen Sie eines der eingebundenen Pakete, um fortzufahren." should be used instead But actually, such a message box is not needed: - the option button could be disabled, if there is no embedded package - while selecting that option button, the first list entry could be marked - so, that there is no possibility to click next without a specified package. (maybe this is easier for you w3bbo, than copying this string for all languages...
  5. Hello W3bbo, wouldn't it be easier for you, if you post the new canonical resx here? We could upload a ready translated resx for you. PS: Did you read my post here? -> Do I have to rephrase the German string for "Browse..." - or can you give the buttons ~10 pixels more? If you want to keep the button size, I could do the change with this step together.
  6. Well, this is still quite a lot of source code for just 15 minutes! Actually its a wastefulness not to open its source... Could you add following feature to the local tool please? If the canonical resx is not translated completely at once, a second use of the tool is required. In this case, the color indication gets lost. Would it be possible, to check on load the canonical and the local strings for alikeness? If they differ, the cell of the local string (or whole row?) could become green. Another feature request is this: Regularly it happens, that a translated string is too long for its target label - but this can only be discovered, while using the localized application. If such a string was found, it is often hard to find it back in the long string list of the local tool. A search functionality would be really great for this situation. PS: I really don't want exercise exclusive control of your time w3bbo. I am just posting my thoughts... (but I guess you wont need more than 5 minutes for this, since you could do the whole local tool in such a short time I did check the installer, which you released with your tools. And I did find a string, which I missed to translate. Additionally I did rephrase some strings, because they were too long. Would you mind to replace the old resx with the new one? (if this is bothering you, just leave it. I think I will find more glitches after your next release - so we have to change it again anyway) Another thing which I noticed: The "Browse..." buttons are a little to small for the common German translation "Durchsuchen...". I could omit the three periods... but it would be better, if you could give just a few more pixels to the buttons. (note: German is right now the only language, where the browse button is a little too small - but in Greek the back button is a little too small too) Maybe it is possible, to have autmatically enlarging buttons, which make themselves fitting to their caption. (if this is not too much work - sometimes the controls have such an option already) And finally I found following two strings (from message boxes), which are missing in the resx file: Are you sure you want to cancel installation? Select an embedded package before continuing
  7. That tool is really great! I thought about writing an own small app for this purpose - but your are fastern writing a whole application than me, bringing the idea to the end... Respect!! Will you publish the code for the translator also under GPL? Woud be great. I did check German localization again with the tool and here is the result: de.resx
  8. Hi nabz0r, I am pretty sure, that w3bbo is very interested in a Greek localization. If you do the translation soon, it'll make it even into the fist RC.
  9. MrBusty

    xpize 5 Beta 3

    Don't worry and take your time!I just think that this would be a really cool feature and I would really glad to see in xpize at any time - no need, that it has to be in the next release.
  10. Sorry, I cannot help you with that... But regarding Arvid Axelsson: I think his Kempelton theme is the greatest. Could you use it also?
  11. Cool. Don't forget to post a link to your auction. Maybe a forum member from Great Britain wants to buy one. (the more bidder the higher the price PS: LessOne did send me a PM - he wants to start from zero.
  12. I did allow me to send LessOne a mail - hope that is alright: Hello LessOne, actually it is not my business to decide anything here (w3bbo is the developer). But I think w3bbo will appreciate every new language! :) So yes, please do the translation for Nicaraguan Spanish. I suggest you to wait for Spanish translation and start from there - that is a little easier I guess (but if you want, you can also start from English - it's up to you of course) Regards, Busty PS: please make a reply in the forum (http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=135810&st=20) so the we see, this mail did pass your spam folder PS: be careful with posting your email address - this can result in a lot of spam...
  13. Yes, please ignore these files. They are the outdated translations for German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Russian. For Chinese you have to start from scratch. - But this is good for you, because you wont get confused so easily. I did translate it with "Distribution" - I guess it is a little harder in Chinese... I think a distribution includes at least one resource package and the Anolis installer. But please wait for w3bbo, I guess he can give you the best explanation.
  14. Good. I will tripple check it after the RC is released. (In case I did think a string was for another context or a rephrase is needed, because my translation is to long.)
  15. I am done. But you can double check my translation if you want. @W3bbo: You can find the German string table at the end of my post, but first I have following questions: The old English string table had a label "C_E_sysResDesc", the old German string table (de.txt from you) had a "C_F_sysResDesc" and the new English string table has "E_A_sysResDesc". I did keep the "C_F_sysResDesc" from the old translation file (because I did start from there) and added the "E_A_sysResDesc" element, so this string is doubled in my new file. I think this is not needed. I guess only the name attributes from the current string table have to be in the translation file. Is that right? => So we don't have to check, if one string is already be translated, but also if its name attribute did change? And: Is the order of the elements important? There were also some elements like following, which could not be translated: <assembly alias="System.Windows.Forms" name="System.Windows.Forms, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089" /> Is such code needed in the translations, or not? Then there were some elements, which have to be changed instead of be translated: <data name="Lang_Name" xml:space="preserve"> <value>English</value> </data> This should be "translated" into 'Deutsch' (means German), instead of 'Englisch' (means English). Right? Maybe such elements (language, country code, translator name) should be at the very beginning (or end) and not in the middle of the file, to make this a little bit more clear. ________________________________________________________________ translation has been updated and can be found here
  16. W3bbo did not post the current string table file yet, that is why I did not provide you a link. Here you can finde the old English string table file (that means, that perhaps some strings will change): http://anol.is/misc/StringTable.txt (click the link with the right mouse button and save the txt to disk)
  17. Yes, you can!- And we can help you, if you have any questions. In the string table file you will find such elements: Just translate the phrase between the <value> tags (its bold and underlined in this example) - please leave everything else, how it is.
  18. MrBusty

    xpize 5 Final

    Sounds very good! I am waiting for the first RC.
  19. Alright, but which string tables should we use?
  20. MrBusty

    xpize 5 Beta 3

    W3bbo: what do you think about my suggestion? - Is this something, what you could bring into being?
  21. MrBusty

    xpize 5 Beta 3

    Pictures are always good in this case! If there were an option to browse all resources of the selected package during the installation, users can see with just on quick look, what the package is going to change. Maybe its even better to show the current system resource next to the new one from the package. Do you think, that is possible?
  22. MrBusty

    xpize 5 Beta 2

    Yes, I guess w3bbo is making this on purpose...
  23. MrBusty

    xpize 5 Beta 2

    I think that is a lot of extra work (not only the creation of that package, but maintaining it too)! So there has to be a good reason for your wish. Don't you have DSL?
  24. MrBusty

    xpize 5 Beta 2

    I don't care about the file size too. As long as I can decide which visual styles and resource colour schemes gets installed, its fine with me.
  25. is spanish translation finished? Yes, it is. if is not..i can help...only tell me what i have to do But as Ricktendo mentioned, you can double check his work.

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