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  1. Guys not been funny, but just tried a couple of things you have said.... erm well im not sure but.. its not working??? I heard about water cooling and followed what you said, but it was kinda little spark and now nothing works??? Changed my fuse still not working.. any ideas?
  2. If you go to http://forums.techguy.org/networking/74562...connecting.html there is a full topic on this. I hate Wireless networking! its sooo unreliable! Whats even worse is them Wireless internet Dongs! There far too unreliable!
  3. I cant see how that would explain you not getting in to BIOS - but yeh it would explain you not reaching windows and blue screening if your card has a driver/hardware fault
  4. You mean Windows Multiple Error's Think it could be time to start saving them pennies and look in to upgrading, or buy an Xbox360 as there now only £130 brand new
  5. Simple, the new harry potter film and High School Musical 3 ) I am actually in the progress of building up my own community site - dont worry it has nothing to do with a message board or anything computer/software related I havent built sites for a few years now forgot how much time scripting involves! Really need to start learning Dreamweaver - notepad means farrrr too much typing! But although i do find it gives you more customisable options
  6. Well ive had this problem with XP before a few times and its been down to the following; 1> A slight SCRATCH on the Disk, this did actually make it fall over a few times, and only did it on random machine's so im guessing its good your reader is still intact. 2> BIOS re-flash <-- this also sorted it out for me on new machines that came with Vista. 3> Try a different drive - you never know
  7. Did you clear and format the boot sectors when formatting also? Your mirror may have screwed something in there preventing it
  8. It sounds a wierd one - but to be honest i have never tried to install this game, so unsure of the setup procidure - the only thing i can think of, is that when the resolution is changing, its going over the spec of your machine - so why not double check you have the correct drivers for your monitor? Then the machine will know the max resolution it can set it to.
  9. You have 2 options i think; 1> Try reset the BIOS with the jumpers, which are normally 3 pins next to the battery with a jumper on 2 of them, remove it and place it on the opposite 2 and then put it back. 2> Corrupt BIOS, in which case you need to search the model and download the latest flash drives on to a floppy and reflash the thing
  10. Oh i have had this problem on my Packard Bell machine! i resolved it by searching high and low for a BIOs flash update, took me a couple of months to find! From what i have worked out companys have now restricted OS install's of anything other than Vista on there machines, what make and model is your laptop?
  11. Computer management>Device manager>Sound, video, and game controllers>audio codecs. just uninstall the ones you don't need or want. I never install any codec packs, except for the wma9_redist.exe and, divx5, and a few specialized codecs I use. Or use http://www.softpedia.com/get/Tweak/Video-T...weak-Tool.shtml this will enable you to repair and remove codecs.
  12. Ouch my mind has gone blank! Can anyone tell me the name of the program that clones Floppy disks? Thanks
  13. God if i had just got my FIRST computer you guys would have scared me off for life talking about HOST files etc etc! Hell here is the simple step; >Buy a hard drive >Install the hard drive >Install Windows 98 - guides are all over the internet just type it in google >Hopefully all your drivers will be installed, if not you need to write down the model and manufactor for your hard ware (mainly video card and ethernet card) Type it in google or driverguide.com and download them to some kind of portable disk >Run windows update Then learn and have fun :-D The whole Security fir
  14. Type the model and manufacter in google and download the Vista drivers (hopefully its supported)
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