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  1. Sande, Yes indeed it is! I have been trying all day to learn what is causing error 87 on every single DISM command. It was your #1, bad wimfltr driver left over from a previous WAIK installation. I had uninstalled WAIK for W7, as I needed to install Vista WAIK for my current task. DISM now running like a champ! Kind regards, --appyface
  2. Hello, I am n00b please forgive if stupid question... I did try searching here for answer but did not come up with anything. Please point me if I missed, thank you! I am preparing a USB stick with WinSetupFromUSB with GUI 0.1.1, to install XP Home on an ASUS Eee PC 1000 which was pre-supplied with Linux. I have removed Linux and deleted all partitions on the SSD so it is ready now to accept XP Home. I have followed all instructions in WinSetupFromUSB Readme.txt file (I believe) correctly, and have reached the finish without error message. But now there is a pop-up box at the end which is confusing. (paraphrase) The pop-up box requests to leave the USB stick plugged in and to restart three times? I am not sure what that means. If I follow those instructions will it not try to install XP Home on my SOURCE (preparation) PC? Does this message really mean to now unplug the USB stick from SOURCE PC, and to plug it in to the TARGET PC. Then boot to begin the install of XP from USB stick, and to follow the three restarts without unplugging it from the TARGET PC? Again sorry if this is really stupid question but this prompt at the end of the preparation step has confused me. Thank you very much for your patience and regards, --appyface
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