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  1. Thanks Nucleus. That is just what I was looking for!
  2. Well hello again. I have another question for you tonight. I know a lil bit about silent program installs now, and I want to know a few more things. Firstly, can I have a Windows XP (or Vista) unattended install disk (I can do that part) and then have a second disk (or an attachment to the install disk) that installs my programs? I mean like have a disk or thumb drive that has all my program installs on it, and when I insert it, it will ask what programs to install, then install them without my interaction? I want to have it install all my favorite apps and settings without my interaction. I
  3. I can run about 10 MPH. I ran my school mile in 11 minutes. I wasn't built for speed, I am all BEEF! (Yea, I'm on the Football team)
  4. That is true cluberti, but I find it fuzzy... I don't understand much of it.
  5. I want to have aq XP disk that when I unattendedly install it, it installs all my apps, video settings, OS settings, desktop shortcuts, ect... Basically I want to have a XP install that is like my XP right now... And I don't know about silent installs and things... I'm a total noob at all the program stuff everything
  6. Hello everybody! I've been playing with Windows XP for a while now, but it is all way to confusing to me, and so I need some help. First off, I want to know how I can inject any application into a Windows Xp installation. I don't want to have to configure switches and things, so is there any noob application I can use to slipstream apps into XP? Next, I want to know the easiest way I can add drivers and hotfixes into XP. I also want to know the easiest way I can change my XP's cosmetics. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advanced. P.S. If anyone would like to help me create, or crea
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