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  1. Ok. That makes sence, I guess windows Me isn't that bad...if you get around all the problems, and apply all the hotfixes ect.. Yeah, thanks for clearing that up!
  2. HTHs Gape I use a 400 mhz laptop pentium 2 and when I first installed win 98se it was really slow. When realised that the cpu could not be oc'd, since its a pain-in-the-arse with an intel 440 chipset i figured i was outta luck! But when I came upon MSFN.....ahem...I mean, this is...AWESOME!!! hehe If theres a feature you should add is, system restore a-la win xp!! Hell yeah!! I defenalty think windows 98se users would want this but It would have to support a small footprint just to be on the safe side. What do you think Gape? Is it possible?
  3. Thank you for inviting me to MSFN i hope my stay will be good and mabye i'll learn a thing or two. Im a newbie so please go eazy on me lol. I've built a lot of computers and hope to finish building my AMD quad-core computer before the years end.

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